The Heartwarming Story Of The Romance Between 'The Monkey Woman' And 'The Alligator Man'

Emmitt and Percilla Bejano were legends in the carnival world, particularly in the "freak show" industry where they performed as the World's Strangest Couple. Before they were married, they performed separately: Percilla was known as "The Monkey Girl," and Emmitt was known as "The Alligator-Skinned Man." 

They were human attractions, putting themselves on display for the entertainment of others. Both were born with incurable skin conditions: Percilla's hypertrichosis caused her to grow thick black hair all over her face and body (including a full beard), and Emmitt's ichthyosis gave him dry, hard skin that appeared scaly, like a fish or reptile.

While the exploitation devices used by circus leaders have been heavily criticized, Emmitt and Percilla Bejano did not outwardly act victimized - like many of their fellow performers, they embraced the way they were made and used it to make a respectable living. They figured if people were going to stare anyway, why not make some money? 

Emmitt and Percilla truly embodied the spirit of the sideshow and inspired many people with their unusual love story. But when you look past appearances (like they did), they weren't so unusual at all - they led the normal life of a married couple and were devoted to each other until the very end.