Graveyard Shift The Strange And Twisted Tale Of Bat Boy, America’s Most Infamous 'Real' Monster  

Mick Jacobs

Who has the face of Nosferatu but the fanbase of a tabloid fixture? Why the infamous Bat Boy, that's who! Half-human, half-bat, Bat Boy has an epic story, one the the video below manages to compellingly cover.

This notorious figure originated in Weekly World News, a now-defunct supermarket magazine. According to the sensationalized tabloid, Bat Boy hails from a cave somewhere in West Virginia.

Though he sported the face of a classic Hollywood horror, the Bat Boy found a great deal of popularity among readers in the '90s, and his face adorned the front page of the second-best selling copy of Weekly World News issue ever published.

He looks like a monster, but he is, as his name suggests, just a boy. That boy became a phenomenon, however. Watch the video below to get an idea of just how big the Bat Boy was.