Graveyard Shift

The Hyper-Violent Story Of The Witchfinder General, Who Put 112 Witches To Death In Two Years

Matthew Hopkins was the self-appointed Witch-Finder General in England from 1644-1647. During his time as a witch-finder, there were more people hanged for accused witchcraft than there had been in the previous 160 years. While his witch-hunting tactics were questionable at best, the methods continued to be used for years after his death.

The story of the Witch-Finder General is an interesting one, rife with violence and sensationalism. People died from being accused as witches and Hopkins was paid generously for the dark deeds he committed. Greed has always made people do questionable things, and in the case of Matthew Hopkins, it turned him into a serial killer. Did witches even exist during that time? If they did, Hopkins's controversial tests to prove as much did not reveal worthwhile information.

Continue reading to learn more about Matthew Hopkins and the fascinating history of witch hunting. In the end you be the judge - were there really any witches in England or was it all just mass hysteria?