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Anabel Conner
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Sooner or later, the Grim Reaper comes for us all, but sometimes his mode of operation almost defies explanation. We all know about the major statistics - thousands of people die from things like cancer, car accidents, or other illnesses every day - but who would think hair extensions would be deadly or that a scarecrow would be lethal? Although getting an atomic wedgie in front of the watching world might be akin to dying a social death, who would imagine that one could be dispatched from this earth in such a way - killed by your own underwear?

It is said that life is stranger than fiction, but when reading about these strange deaths caused by random, everyday objects, one realizes that this saying also applies to death. Each item on this list is normally a completely innocuous, harmless object. Yet, in the right circumstance, they've become instruments of absolute doom. Prepare to be fascinated by these unusual deaths caused by mundane items... and never look at a condom the same way again!
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A Flashlight

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In a not-so-bright move, Santiago Alvarado, 24, was killed in Lompoc, CA, after he fell face-first through the ceiling of a bicycle shop he was burglarizing. Death was caused when the long flashlight he had placed in his mouth (to keep his hands free) lodged in his throat severing the second verterbrae in his neck. It is believed he died instantly from the injury. Lights out!

Source: Snopes
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A Dessert Spoon

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It's a tough idea to swallow knowing the dainty spoon one would use to shovel Ben & Jerry's into one's mouth could be the instrument of one's demise. However, in 2004 in Hertfordshire, UK, a man named Richard Clare got into an altercation with one Timothy Magee over a cell phone. Clare, annoyed, popped Magee on the back of the head with a dessert spoon which had been lying on a nearby table.

The spoon's impact ruptured an artery and caused fatal bleeding in the area between his skull and brain. Magee died, making history as one of the only reported human beings to be spooned to death. Clare was exonerated of wrongdoing in the death, but was sentenced to seven days in jail for taking the cell phone that had started the argument. 

It should also be noted that Clare, seven years later, upgraded utensils and hacked someone to death with an axe, drawing a 27 year prison sentence.

Source: BBC News
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16-year-old Jonathan Capewell of Oldham, England, died in 1998 after suffering a heart attack brought upon by his over zealousness for personal hygiene. Capewell became obsessed with smelling fresh and covered his entire body in deodorant at least twice a day. At the time of his death, the teen had 10 times the lethal dosage of propane and butane in his blood. It is believed the gases built up in his body following months of repeatedly spraying himself in the bedroom of his home.

The coroner reported " He was not indulging in any form of substance abuse. He was simply overcome by excessive use of anti-perspirants."

Strangely enough, 10 years later, the same thing happened to 12-year-old Daniel Huxley of Nottingham. 

Source: The Independent, The Daily Mail
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A Deck of Cards

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On October 20, 1930, William Kogut, an inmate on San Quentin's death row, fashioned an ordinary deck of playing cards into a pipe bomb, which he used to take his own life. Kogut removed a hollow steel leg from his bed, tore the cards into tiny pieces, and stuffed these bits into the pipe. He plugged one end, and poured water into the other end to soak the torn cards. He then placed this "bomb" on the heater in his room, and laid down with his head next to the handmade explosive device.

The heater turned the water into steam, and when the pressure built up to a high enough level, the resulting explosion shot the bits of playing cards out of the pipe with enough force to penetrate Kogut's skull. His suicide note stated that he felt he should pay for the life he had taken (he was a convicted murderer) so he dealt himself the final blow.

Source: Gargles