Graveyard Shift

The Strangest Cases Ed And Lorraine Warren Ever Worked, According To The Warrens Themselves

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If you look into the most notorious cases of hauntings, possessions, and paranormal phenomena in the last 50 years, you'll probably find out they were investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren. A WWII Navy veteran and police officer, Ed Warren believed in the supernatural from an early age, having grown up in a reportedly haunted house. Lorraine, who grew up just blocks from Ed, demonstrated psychic abilities in early childhood, being able to see auras around the nuns at her Catholic school.

Ed and Lorraine began dating when they were both 16, and they married two years later. Ed eventually began studying demonology and founded the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952. The Warrens would go on to investigate hundreds of cases related to hauntings and demonic possession. After Ed passed in 2006, Lorraine served as a consultant for The Conjuring movie franchise, which is based on the cases she and Ed investigated together.

With Lorraine's passing in April 2019, many are looking back on the legacy left by the couple and their contributions to ghost hunting and demonology. Below are some of the most famous, and terrifying, cases the Warrens investigated. And who better to comment on the details than the Warrens themselves?