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10 Bizarre Facts About Fish Genitalia And Their Reproductive Rituals

Updated 17 Apr 2020 51.2k views10 items

How do fish reproduce, and where do fish babies come from? Unsurprisingly, fish aren't the only creatures with unusual mating rituals and genitalia. But how different are fish from humans, and how exactly do they populate the ocean full of so many colorful and diverse types of fish? Believe it or not, some fish penises are sort of like those of humans - they're long appendages that stick out from their lower torso. Others have internal organs that serve as penises but don't resemble those of other animals at all. Each species of fish has a unique set of genitals - including one that has a penis-like organ on its head. 

So, if you're interested in learning about how fish procreate, keep reading.

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