Mysteries That Made Us Have To Sleep With A Nightlight On

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Who doesn't love a good mystery? Unlike the latest whodunnits, gritty detective series, or local mysteries that have been solved, these real-life puzzles haven't been cracked yet - their endings have yet to be written.

These open-ended mysteries are also unsettling. From seemingly supernatural phenomena to unexplained disappearances and enigmatic attacks, these strange mysteries happened under spooky circumstances. What were the "Oakville blobs" and why do scientists still not have an explanation for them? What happened to a US Navy ship that disappeared into thin air? How did three lighthouse keepers vanish from a tiny, remote Scottish island? These conundrums have never been solved, and their open-endedness only adds to their creepiness.

Read on and vote up the mysteries that are the most unsettling - after you turn on the nightlight!


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    The US Lost A Nuclear Bomb Off The Coast Of Tybee Island And It's Never Been Recovered

    As explosive devices capable of mass destruction, nuclear bombs are the kind of thing that governments should keep well guarded. 

    But in 1958, one of the US's bombs slipped through its fingers. 

    Colonel Howard Richardson was piloting a plane loaded with a nuclear warhead when he had an accident with another plane in the air. Worried about the weapon in his cargo, Richardson released the bomb into the ocean off the coast of Tybee Island in Georgia. 

    No one has ever recovered it.

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    There's A 'Dog Suicide' Bridge In Scotland 

    Overtoun Bridge leads visitors to Overtoun House, a grand Scottish country home constructed in the mid-19th century. But although it's a picturesque bridge, its beauty is diminished by its troubling history: for some reason, dogs are compelled to jump off the structure. Some - but not all - have fallen to their death.

    What's going on? No one knows. It's possible that dogs pick up an irresistible scent on the bridge, perhaps of a wild animal, and jump off in pursuit. But no one has determined what they smell or why they decide to jump. 

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    'The Toxic Lady' Inadvertently Sickened Healthcare Workers While Seeking Treatment

    Gloria Ramirez was admitted to a hospital emergency room in Riverside, CA, in February 1994 for a possible heart attack. Soon after healthcare workers began attending to her, they noticed her body was emitting strange odors. Suddenly, they started fainting - the fumes from Ramirez's body were sickening them. One worker was even hospitalized for two weeks due to complications.

    What were the toxic gasses? Experts still don't know for sure what happened, although it's likely that a rare chemical reaction caused the event. Ramirez had advanced cervical cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy; the chemo may have interacted with drugs the ED team deployed to help stabilize her. She may also have been using a dangerous organosulfur compound to self-medicate.

    Ramirez didn't survive, and experts still don't know for sure what caused the toxic fumes or why they sickened healthcare workers.

  • An American Navy Ship Vanished Without A Trace In The Caribbean
    Photo: New York Navy Yard / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    An American Navy Ship Vanished Without A Trace In The Caribbean

    In 1918, the USS Cyclops had an important role to play in the US Navy. The US was now fighting World War I, and the Cyclops and its crew of 306 were ferrying manganese ore from Brazil to Baltimore.

    But something happened to the Cyclops in the Caribbean - and no one knows what. The bulk cargo ship vanished without a trace. It hadn't even sent out an SOS to alert other ships to its peril. Although various theories have been put forward, the fate of the ship and its crew remains an open question.

    The Cyclops's disappearance has contributed to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic in which ships and aircraft supposedly vanish into thin air.

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    An Anonymous Letter Writer Who Seemed To Know Everyone's Secrets Terrorized A Town

    Gossip Girl and Lady Whistledown expose secrets in Gossip Girl and Bridgerton, respectively. But residents in Circleville, OH, dealt with their own gossipmonger in real life for years - and this letter-writer seemed to have been significantly more dangerous than their fictional counterparts.

    It all started in 1976, when bus driver Mary Gillispie received an anonymous letter accusing her of having an affair. Her family started to receive letters too, and the anonymous writer began posting threatening signs in public. The next year, Gillispie's husband was found dead in his car.

    The letters increased in frequency and scope; eventually, other people in Circleville received them. Some public signs ostensibly posted by the letter-writer were even rigged to harm people.

    In 1983, Paul Freshour was arrested and imprisoned for attempted murder, and many assumed he was behind the missives. However, the letters didn't stop while he was prison, leading many to question if he was responsible.

    The true identity of the writer behind the "Circleville Letters" remains a mystery.

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    A British Woman Who Believed She Was A Reincarnated Ancient Egyptian Knew Where To Dig

    Over the course of her life, Dorothy Eady made what some media outlets felt was a compelling claim for reincarnation. Born in England in 1904, Eady suffered a physical trauma at age three: she fell down a flight of stairs. Her injuries were so severe that a doctor declared her dead. Except she wasn't. The youngster was awake and alive again soon enough.

    The injury apparently jolted something else in Eady. She began to have visceral recollections of what she believed was her previous life in ancient Egypt. She claimed she was really Bentreshyt, an ancient Egyptian priestess who committed suicide for having a secret lover. After marrying an Egyptian university student and moving to Egypt, she started going by "Omm Sety," which meant "mother of Sety" (the name of her son). 

    Her recollections appeared to be convincing. Working in Egypt, she helped archaeologists make discoveries based on her recollections, including the site of ancient gardens. Her work and expertise earned her the respect and admiration of Egyptologists.