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Weird History Fans Share The Strangest Historical Facts They Know

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Weird History is a hub for all things strange, unknown, and straight-up bizarre when it comes to history. The page has endless information about some of the most random and intriguing topics - like dinosaurs, archery, unseen historical photos, royals, the founding fathers, and much more - and breaks them down into easily-digestible fun facts. But typically we do the hard work of investigating what we deem weird history. This time? We've left it up to our fans to inform us of the weird facts they know. 

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  • From Facebook commenter Sarah Elizabeth:

    The movie Psycho completely changed movie theaters. Before, you paid a price at any time and you watched your movie, cartoon, newsreel all in a loop. If you missed the beginning of the movie, you just watched it when the loop came around. You could stay for hours and watch the loop again and again. But Alfred Hitchcock did not want people to see the end of his movie, Psycho, without seeing the beginning. He convinced the theaters to have start times and not admit after the movie started. The theaters realized they could charge per seat per showing and make lots more money, so they continued even after the movie stopped playing on the screen.

    Context: Prior to 'Psycho' coming to theaters, a single film was played in a loop. This meant that viewers could buy tickets and enter the theater at any point and they could stay until they had seen the whole film - whether they came in at the beginning of the film or halfway through. Hitchcock, however, didn't want people to be able to see the ending before they saw the beginning, so he mandated start times and required cinemas refuse any late-comers. As theaters realized profits were higher on a single-screening basis, the format changed into what we recognize today.

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    The Original London Bridge Is In Arizona

    From Facebook commenter Brian Felker:

    The original London Bridge was purchased in 1967 and relocated to Lake Havasu City, Arizona- where it was reconstructed and still sits today.

    Context: In the 1960s, it was discovered that the London Bridge was collapsing under traffic. After having stood for about 130 years, and surviving World War II, the iconic bridge was sinking in the Thames. Robert McColluch had purchased a large area near Arizona's Lake Havasu, but was struggling to draw in tourists. After deciding the London Bridge was just the sight he needed he offered to pay $2,460,000. The bridge was disassembled and shipped in boxes, and when it arrived it was retrofitted to handle modern traffic. 

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  • From Facebook commenter Jason Shields:

    The 10th President, John Tyler, who was born in 1790 and died in 1862 has a living grandson still alive who still lives at and maintains the Plantation Tyler owned. He is 92 years old. His other grandson just recently passed away on September 26th, 2020.

    Context: John tyler, who was born in 1790, was the United States' 10th president, serving until 1845. His son, Lyon Tyler, was born 11 years later in 1853. Following in his father's footsteps, Lyon had children late in life as well, having two sons in his 70s. John Tyler's grandsons, Lyon Jr. and Harrison, lived well into the 21st century despite their grandfather being born in the 18th century. Lyon Jr. unfortunately passed away in September of 2020, but his brother Harrison is still alive at 92 years of age.

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  • From Facebook commenter Betsey Rusco:

    Pez candy was originally created as an alternative to smoking and was marketed to adults. The original flavor was peppermint, which is where they came up with the name. The name PEZ is taken from the first, middle, and last letters from the German word for peppermint: pfefferminz.

    Context: PEZ was originally created as an alternate to smoking, and was thus marketed to adults. The PEZ dispensers as we know them today, with character heads, are likely where the switch happened from adult to child marketing. Also, PEZ was in fact named after the first, middle, and last letters of the German word for peppermint "Pffefferminz."

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