Weird Nature Truly Strange Infestations That Could Be Taking Over Your House Right Now  

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Pest infestations can be a real pain. Who doesn't cringe at the thought of termites or roaches invading their home, or a costly bed bug outbreak? Still, it could always be worse, as many victims of strange home infestations can attest. From snakes to giant snails, some homeowners have experienced horrible animal infestations so weird they don't seem possible. But all of these animals really have invaded humans' spaces, and some of them might pose a bigger problem than you'd think.

As far as preventing these crazy animal infestations, there are a few steps you can take. Don't leave out food, fill any cracks that lead outdoors, clean regularly, and check for leaks in basements and bathrooms. When you buy a new house, thoroughly look for any sign of animals, and ask if the place has a history of infestations. Unfortunately, animals could still get in if you're not careful.

If you think that having too many frogs on your property doesn't sound that bad, or that maybe cute bats might be good roommates, think again. Any of the people who dealt with these bizarre infestations will tell you otherwise.

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Garter Snakes

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Photo: daveumich/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

Buying your dream home is usually cause for celebration. Unfortunately for one family, the celebration was short-lived. When Angie Whitley and her family moved into their new Minnesota home, they thought everything was perfect – until Whitley brought her first box to her bedroom and found a snake. At first, she thought it was a fluke. But six months later, she'd found about 95 snakes inside the house, and hundreds more outside. Even some of the exterminators who came to help acknowledged that it was a very extreme snake infestation. 

How did it happen? Pest experts told Whitley there was a garter snake nest somewhere under the foundation. The newly hatched snakes came into the home because it was warmer and more comfortable. The infestation has cost the family thousands of dollars in failed attempts to rid the place of them.

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Venomous Spiders

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Photo: Mean and Pinchy/flickr/CC-BY-NC 2.0

Spiders are often found indoors, but a few horror stories really stand out. For proof, look no further than the Torsts and their "spider house" of terror.

The Missouri couple bought a home in Weldon Spring country club in 2007. But they soon noticed a huge spider problem. And these weren't just any spiders – the house was infested with over 6,000 brown recluses, which can be quite dangerous. The Torsts weren't able to stay, and eventually had to tent the house. They then sued the company that sold the house, for pretty obvious reasons.

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Giant Snails

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Photo:  Blue Tanner TV/via YouTube

An infestation of this magnitude could only happen in Florida. Giant snails began showing up in the southern part of the state in 2011, seemingly out of nowhere. One particular small neighborhood, Davie, was hit hard in some truly gruesome ways. 

These snails eat plants, but they also eat plaster and stucco in order to replenish their shells. As you might guess, that made them an absolute menace to houses. People found their walls damaged and their yards destroyed by the massive creatures, which can grow to over eight inches in size. The snails also carry parasites that cause meningitis, and one resident's German Shepherd was infected.

Hundreds of snails have been removed from Davie, and the infestation seems to be under control. But this is one of the most invasive snail species in the world, so it may only be a matter of time before they pop up somewhere else.

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Photo: kaibara87/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

When weird stuff starts to drip down the walls of your home, it's rarely a good sign, even if it's honey. Latanja Levine moved into a little fixer-upper house in Texas, but in 2017 she noticed a golden goo coming down from the ceiling and decided to investigate. What she discovered was a whole lot of bees. At least 50,000 had infested the space above her ceiling, and were setting up shop for a long breeding season. Levine had a professional smoke them out, but maybe they'll be back.

This isn't all that unusual, either. Honey-filled attics have been found in Arizona, Wales, and many other locations. Just remember, if your walls are dripping, listen for buzzing, then call a professional. Most can remove the bees without harming them.

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