Rare And Beautiful Birthmarks You Need To See To Believe

Everyone's got a least a couple of birthmarks, but not many people know exactly what they are. Birthmarks are naturally occurring skin abnormalities that are usually formed in the womb, but can appear up to a month after birth. While some people feel self conscious about their birth marks, there's really no shame in them. There are even people who have beautiful birthmarks and aren't afraid to flaunt their unique marks.

Two types of birth marks exist: pigmented and vascular. They are separated into these categories based on how they are formed. Pigmented birthmarks are exactly what they sound like: small points on the body that accrue an excess of skin pigment. Vascular birthmarks occur when there are a multitude of blood vessels accumulated in one spot. There are some cool, rare birthmarks that people have, and they are rocking them. These pretty birthmarks are so incredible, you'll have to see them to believe.