People Reveal The Strangest Outfits They've Ever Seen Someone Get Buried In

Attending a loved one's final service is typically an emotionally draining experience. Reminiscing on their life and sharing memories with friends and family are bittersweet staples of these observances, but often, an open-casket viewing is available so loved ones can say their final goodbyes face-to-face. 

Something only close family members and morticians tend to consider when someone passes is their burial clothes. In some cases, the deceased person may choose their clothes to be buried in ahead of time, and in others, their immediate family may pick out their favorite outfit. But what happens when someone's final wishes entail uncommon funeral clothes? 

The people of Reddit shared the strangest outfits they've ever seen someone get buried in - here are some of their stories.


  • She Dressed As A Clown

    From Redditor /u/smccoy0907:

    My great-grandmother worked as a clown. Like, she attended a clown college and everything. She loved her job very much. She was [interred] dressed as a clown, with the makeup and everything.

  • He Wore His Jolliest Costume

    From Redditor /u/MaliceMes_:

    My uncle was [interred] in a Santa Claus outfit, and I can say I’m [scarred] forever for Christmas. All I could think about was a Santa zombie chasing people.

  • She Wanted Old Hollywood Glam

    From Redditor /u/Sparkle__M0tion:

    Fancy nightdress and matching robe. This 70+-year-old lady (or maybe it was her husband’s preference) wanted to [wear] this glamorous vintage night dress set that you would see in an old movie. It had feather accents and matching kitten-heel slipper things. She also [wore] her costume jewelry.

    Her regular hairdresser came in to do her hair and cried the entire time. I think she had been sick for a while, so the nightdress fit loosely, so we used double-sided tape and a few simple stitches to the nightdress to try to keep everything where it should go.

    It was a weird request, but I thought it was interesting. And, to the staff’s surprise, her family seemed to expect this as something totally normal.

  • He Was Ready For A Dive

    From Redditor /u/littlekitty4:

    My father was [interred] in his wetsuit. He loved to water ski and would go every weekend. I even had a matching one when I was a baby.