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12 Mammals That Have The Most Bizarre Sex

Of all the things you learned as a child either in biology class or on the Discovery Channel, you probably never knew much about the numerous mammals that have sex in unusual ways. Thanks to evolution and the brain's dirty subconscious, mammals copulate in all sorts of ways that, if described out of context, sound like lies someone told you on 4chan. Some mate like crazy and then die afterwards, while others go through violent clashes in order to prove their worthiness to their chosen one. In many cases, urine and feces act as an important part of their weird mammal sex, which gets kinkier than most humans ever even dream of. Animals use toys too, you know.

As voyeuristic as you might think humans are, imagine an entire herd of elephants turning a couple's mating ritual into a group event. Animal spectators aside, these strange mammal sex facts will make you pay more attention the next time you're at the zoo, either to avoid their deeds altogether or, if you're nasty, to catch it while it happens.