27 People Who Threw Caution (And Good Taste) To The Wind And Made Some Incredibly Weird Meals

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Despite what a certain rat-themed Pixar movie would have you believe, not everyone can cook. Don't believe us? Just check out these decidedly unappetizing meals that we spotted on r/sh*ttyfoodp*rn.

  • 1. Grim!

    Photo: u/Apprehensive_Ask3910 / Reddit
  • 2. This Looks Like An Offense

    This Looks Like An Offense
    Photo: u/trtumi2000 / Reddit
  • 3. What Is This Abomination?

    What Is This Abomination?
    Photo: u/permittheclod / Reddit
  • 4. Pizza Panic

    Pizza Panic
    Photo: u/theRealEcho-299 / Reddit
  • 5. Sushi Doesn't Deserve This

    Sushi Doesn't Deserve This
    Photo: u/crunchyrice01 / Reddit
  • 6. There's A Lot That Looks Off Here

    There's A Lot That Looks Off Here
    Photo: u/drilldo / Reddit