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People Share Their Strangest International Tourist Experiences

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Traveling out of the country as a tourist can be a very strange experience for some people. It's usually a good idea to check local laws and customs as well as making sure you are sticking to the safest routes. Over on Reddit, people are sharing their strangest tourist experiences that stayed with them long after their trip was over.

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    Angry Wedding Party In Korea

    From Reddit u/standing_lamp:

    In a small town in Korea, I saw two guys run out of a restaurant. One of them was holding a 10-inch kitchen knife and shoved it into the other guy’s belly. The guy's standing there holding the knife in his gut, and an old lady comes out of the restaurant and starts hitting him in the head with her shoe.

    Two other guys jumped on the stabber and held him on the ground. Ambulance came and loaded the stabbee and drove away, cops came and drove the stabber away, restaurant owner came out with a bucket of water and washed the blood off his steps.

    Turned out it was a wedding party, and there was a bit of a disagreement.

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     A Scary Situation In The Caucasus

    From Reddit u/MrFunktasticc:

    I was held against my will in a brothel somewhere in the Caucuses. I’m a guy, and I was there ostensibly as a customer but more like brought by people I barely knew as a sign of “hospitality” despite my protests. They left me there with armed guards patrolling the grounds.

    Since I didn’t speak the same language as them, when I tried to leave, they corralled me back, guns drawn. Several hours later, the people that brought me collected me and wanted a detailed account of how it went. Thankfully, I thought ahead enough to ruffle my clothes and hair. The prostitute insisted I take her number and call her if I wanted to “hang out."

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    Hit And Run In Mexico City

    From Reddit u/Antique-Eye8029:

    Was in Mexico City for a work assignment. Had just gone to dinner in the Zona Rosa (pink zone). Walking back to the hotel, I saw a hit and run. A pedestrian was thrown through the air and flung to the ground.

    A lot of people witnessed this, and an ambulance was called. The ambulance came screaming around the corner, going really fast, and hit another pedestrian. Who then was thrown through the air and flung to the ground. It was awful.

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    Questionable GPS In Serbia

    From Reddit u/QuinteX1994:

    Was in Serbia, and my collegue I was there with and I had rented a car to go explore the beautiful country. We followed Google Maps, but ended up on a dirt road in some small village-like area and had to make a turn. It was heavily raining, and we got the car stuck. We couldn't get it unstuck on our own so we wanted to ask for help. As we approached the first nearby house, a large dog came running out barking loudly, and an elderly-looking man came out with a rifle yelling at us in Serbian.

    We decided the next house was a better bet, and they were the kindest people on earth. We told them that we had tried the other house with no luck, and they told us we were lucky to be alive. Appearantly, the man had a reputation but they didn't want to go further into details. No more dirt roads for me, thanks.

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