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19 Crazy Awesome Sea Creatures That Can Change Their Shape, Color, And Size

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In the wild, everything isn’t always what it seems. This is particularly true within the ocean’s depths. What you think is a rock could actually be a killer fish. What you think is a flower could also be a killer fish, and something you’ve mistaken for a sea shell might just be - you guessed it - a killer fish; but it’s more likely to be a man eating snail. You get the picture.

Crazy sea creature camouflage comes in all shapes and sizes and happens for many different reasons. All you really need to know is that the ocean is brimming with shapeshifting sea creatures. These mysterious animals morph into their surroundings. This stuff is enough to invoke nightmares and it’s all happening right now in the depths of the ocean (and the shallow end too, just so you’re aware).

Here are some of the most mysterious creatures of the sea, in all of their twisted, distorted shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. Which ones astonish you the most?

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    Synanceia, better known by laymen as simply the stonefish, has quite the reputation for being the deadliest fish known to man. When provoked, or more commonly, stepped on, the fish can release a fatal toxin that paralyzes and sometimes even kills its victims on contact. Unlike most of the fish on this list, this guy is not a deep sea dweller. He takes in all the action from the shallow depths of the ocean, where unsuspecting humans tread water that’s way more dangerous than they realize.

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    A Clever New Mystery Fish Is Mimicking The Mimic Octopus

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    Here's one clever mystery fish who may be wearing several disguises at once. Unlike some of the other ocean mimics, this little fish is not poisonous. He mimics the mimic octopus, going so far as to turn his whole body into something that looks like a tentacle. After the actual octopus departs, we see this creature revert back to a jawfish only - wait - he might not be a jawfish after all. In a bewildering twist of events, it would appear his form once he takes off his disguise is yet another disguise and it’s possible that this mystery fish is an entirely new species previously unknown to all of humanity. Oh yeah, and he also grows a ninth arm out of nowhere!

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    The Color Changing Ribbon Eel Is Making A Gender Transition

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    Ribbon eels change genders in order to adapt to their environments and preserve their species. They also change colors from time to time. It wasn’t until recently that scientists discovered that these two phenomena are actually linked. As it turns out, they change color to signify that they have, indeed, changed genders. 

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    While Disguised As A Flower, The Yellow Sea Anemone Distributes A Fatal Toxin

    You might not want to stop and smell the flowers if you’re floundering around on the ocean floor. That’s because something that looks like a flower might actually be a ravenous monster who consumes its prey in a most terrifying and unusual manner. The yellow sea anemone likes to paralyze its victims with a dangerous neuro-toxin, sending them into a state of submission as they are then simultaneously injected with venom and stabbed to death by tentacles that were hidden in plain sight. 

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