People Share The Unexplainable Things They've Seen That No One Believes

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Have you ever seen something strange or supernatural, but absolutely no one believes you? You might be able to recall the event in perfect detail, but to other people, it just sounds too outlandish to be real.

On Reddit, people are sharing the times they witnessed something unexplainable that they can't forget but that no one believes is true.

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    They Witnessed A Strange Object Dive Into The Delaware River

    From Redditor u/_horselain:

    I grew up three blocks from the Delaware River, Jersey side, a little north of Philly.

    Shortly after 9/11, I saw what looked basically like a black bullet - only gigantic, like submarine-sized - go into the river from above going north. Like a plane landing on water but going under. I don't believe it had wings?

    I had been out for a walk and ran home to tell my parents. I was worried because 9/11 had just happened, and my 5th grade brain thought this could be related. My parents had me draw out what I saw, step by step. Eventually, they said I was probably mistaken.

    I went to school the next day and told my teacher and she said, "How weird, Joey said he saw the same thing." Joey lived two blocks from the river. Either we're both mistaken, or we watched some weird torpedo-vessel go into the Delaware.

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    They Had An Out-Of-Body Experience In The Hospital

    From Redditor u/UnwantedKarma:

    When I was a kid, I ate some of my grandmother's heart medication and nearly died. Was rushed to the hospital to have my stomach pumped, and I have a memory of looking down at myself on the hospital bed with my mom and hospital staff around me.

    It still is one of the only things I've had happen that I cannot explain, and no one I've told this story to believes me at all... Even my super religious aunt said it was my imagination.

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    They Finally Saw Their Friend's Secret Sibling

    From Redditor u/Bullydaddy:

    I stayed over at a church friend’s house when I was 8-ish. He said he had a little sister, but my parents and I never saw her at church or anything. My Mom said it was probably imaginary.

    At night, I walked into the wrong room and saw a teenage girl in a crib, dressed like a baby.

    I told my Mom, I told my friends, I told whoever I could, but no one [believed] me.

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    They Spotted A Man On The Road With An Unnatural Smile

    From Redditor u/WhiteGravy747:

    I saw a dude standing next to my truck with an unnaturally wide smile. I was on Highway 49 East right outside Greenwood, MS. I heard hail hit my truck a few times, so I pulled over expecting a tornado.

    I was grabbing my backpack getting ready to bail out for the ditch. I turn back to the driver-side window to check my mirror, and this guy was just standing there. Smiling. It scared me so bad I just slammed the truck in drive and got out of there.

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    The Shadowy Shape Of A Child Was Watching Them Sleep

    From Redditor u/aodskeletor:

    My daughter caught RSV at daycare this past week and woke up crying for my wife the other night. I wake up again because I have a feeling someone is watching me, thinking my daughter has come into our room. I see my wife is still gone, and there’s a shadowy little girl standing across the room staring at me.

    I say my daughter’s name - no response. Just staring at me intently and silently. I roll out of bed and go in the bathroom and come back out and she’s still there.

    I walk over to where she is and she disappears and moves to the other side of the room. At this point I have no idea if I’m hallucinating or what so I crawl back into bed and do what I did as a kid if I was scared; cover myself all the way with my blanket and close my eyes.

    Wake up in the morning and tell my wife. She doesn’t believe me and then says maybe it was the daughter we lost to a miscarriage. Pretty weird all in all.

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    They Saw A Man Holding A Bloody Knife Outside

    From Redditor u/Kaido786:

    Was playing with my cousin and a friend of ours outside. We were riding our bikes and had a bunch of fun, but couldn't explore that far from where I live l, since we were like 7 or 8 y/o.

    As we were cheerfully cycling down a long road behind a parking garage near my apartment, I started to slow down as I was getting tired of it. Both of them were continuing to cycle down the road as they [hadn't] noticed me being left behind yet.

    You have to understand that the location of the road was right in between the parking garage (with two floors) and a fence, which has only rails on the other side and was usually deserted. So once I stopped cycling, I could only turn tail or follow the road ahead.

    After reaching my limit, I simply stopped my bike mid-way after a while and tried to catch some breath. While doing so, something caught my eye on the back stairs of the parking garage, I tried to get closer to check out what it was out of curiosity. But boy, was that a mistake.

    I spotted a man who seemed to kneel down behind a wall of the back stairs. Didn't seem suspicious at first; however, after a closer look, I saw what seemed like a knife covered in blood. My body froze and all I could feel was fear that went through my body, which felt like it lasted for minutes. The man just started to catch on with me standing on the road and began to slowly stand up and face my direction. I was somehow able to get my brain back to process and bolted down the street with any power I had left in me.

    After passing both my cousin and friend, as well as leaving a big distance to where I spotted him. I started to break down in tears and [explain] what happened. No one would believe me, since they went back to check and found nothing strange. Got so traumatized from it that I avoided the road until my mid-teens.