15 Crazy Things Parents Of Twins Revealed About Their Kids  

Anna Lindwasser
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Raising twins can be challenging in some seriously unique ways, leading to some crazy stories from parents of twins. While not all of these Reddit stories are as dramatic as twins being separated at birth, they do get kind of intense - some of them even include strange, almost psychic connections between siblings.

There are plenty of heartwarming and bizarre true stories about raising twins on the internet. Some of them will leave you thinking that twins are the absolute coolest, while others will leave you wondering how anybody has ever managed to raise multiples without losing their minds.

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These Twins Didn't Realize They Were Twins Until Third Grade

From Redditor /u/dudleydidwrong:

Mine are adults now, and one of them even has her own twins (but they are fraternal).

Anyway, just last year our identical twins told us that one of the things we did as parents actually worked. We tried not to raise them as twins. We said they were sisters who had the same birthday. We didn't let other family members call them "the twins." We insisted on individual names. We did not dress them alike. They were in different classrooms whenever the school had two classes for the same grade.

So, last year they told us that they did not realize they were twins until sometime around third grade. They both remember sitting in their bunk beds in second grade and talking about how it would be fun to have a twin. I'll call that a parenting success.

Are Bunny-Based Psychic Powers A Thing?

From Redditor /u/_HiWay:

Finding ways to see if there is some weird connection between them. I have identical 3 year old girls. The girls had a couple small stuffed bunnies from Easter they were obsessed with during this time. One of them was in the hospital a while back for a respiratory illness, one night she was saying her sister wanted her bunny very adamantly. Her sister was staying with my mom an hour away and out of sheer curiosity I called and asked my mom if that twin was looking for her stuffed bunny at that time. She was. Now it is likely pure coincidence since they both loved the bunnies at this time but I like looking for any weird connections between them that just make me go 'WTF how do you know that?!'

That's A Super Way To Tell Your Kids Apart

From Redditor /u/StoneSoul:

Identical twin boys. When they were born, to tell them apart, we dressed one of them (Named Bruce, in memorial, as that was the year DC did the death of Bruce Wayne) as Batman and the other as Superman (almost named him Clark, but we wanted to do the twin-name alliteration thing.) This kept going and now they are 6 and still obsessed with their heroes. Superman and Batman blankets, stuffed toys, t-shirts, Halloween costumes, posters, everything. They're older brother is 9 and obsessed with The Flash. As a nerd parent, I'm very proud.

These Twins Are Mortal Enemies

From Redditor /u/Hubb1e:

Hate to be the downer but mine are just over two and are almost total enemies. When I can separate them they play well, but together they are constantly fighting and playing on top of each other. It depends on the kids. My first set of twins were sweet to each other, these other two will probably grow up to be gladiators.