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The Strange Story Of How Japanese Spider-Man Inspired The Power Rangers

Updated 8 Jan 2018 2.9k views10 items

Everyone has heard of Spider-Man, but who or what is Supaidaman? While it may sound silly, this weird Japanese Spider-Man television series was not only a massive hit in its home country, but a major influence in worldwide pop culture to come. Supaidaman was actually the inspiration for The Power Rangers. That’s right, the freakin’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

American audiences are by now fully aware of the litany of crazy Japanese kids shows out there, but not many of them spark an entire genre of entertainment. Although giant robots and giant monsters were already a staple of Japanese culture, Supaidaman was the first franchise to bring the two together for epic battles. Worldwide audiences have been enjoying that trope ever since. While the version of the wallcrawler seen in Supaidaman is a far cry from the Peter Parker that North American fans are used to, they share in common a lasting impact, a red-and-blue costume, and a desire to dispense arachnid-themed justice!

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