WTF The Strangest Things You've Done on Ambien  

Olivia Peterman
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What are some of the strange things you've done on Ambien? Oh, come on, fess up now. We've all been there. Obviously no one should ever take an Ambien and then drive or do anything else that's potentially very, very dangerous. But some of us (ahem) have done some really freaky (and really funny) stuff while under the influence. That's what this list is about. Feel free to add any and all of the strange and hilarious things you've done on Ambien (that you can remember, of course).

The thing about Ambien is, people often don't remember what they've done until they see evidence of it. I'm sure at some point I'll remember making this list, for example. I hope so. Some of the funniest and strangest things I've heard of that people have done on Ambien often involve food. Inhibitions get lowered and the diet goes right out the window. The next day, people are faced with the evidence: Half-eaten apple cores (hey, at least that's healthy!), empty cans of Spaghetti-Os, candy bar wrappers, open jars of olives/pickles/whatever else was in the side shelf, peanut butter, you name it. The aftermath of an Ambien food binge can be alarming, and really messy.

Other bizarre things that some people (ahem) have done on Ambien include: watching horrible TV shows on Netflix, whole seasons of them, and then not remembering it until they see their "Recently Watched" lists, calling friends just to chat (in the middle of the night), downloading horrible books/movies/songs and certainly purchasing things on eBay. It really is like Christmas when the packages start arriving!

So yes, it's time to come clean about the strangest things you've ever done after you've taken an Ambien (or a Lunesta, or any other kind of sleep aid). Sleep doesn't count, though that's definitely what all of us *should* be doing instead of oh, I don't know, applying for jobs, signing up for self defense classes, doing our taxes and Facebooking our exes.
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Eaten Everything in the Refrigerator

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Well okay, not *everything* -- but everything on the second shelf
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Called Friends to Chat

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Ordered Crap on eBay

Ordered Crap on eBay is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Strangest Things You've Done on Ambien
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I once bought bobbleheads of every NFL QB I could find, because I couldn't remember my BFF's favorite team.
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