14 Stranger Things Fan Theories So Convincing, They Just Might Spoil Season 3

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WARNING: this list contains spoilers bigger than the Demogorgon.

If you haven't blasted through Stranger Things 2 yet, then run to your TV or computer and fire up Netflix before reading any further. Spoilers and fan theories on Stranger Things 2 are up ahead. The second season of the smash-hit show premiered on October 27, 2017, inviting viewers back to the not-so-sleepy town of Hawkins and the eerie Upside Down. More characters were introduced, scads of monsters were thrown into the mix, and there was one hell of a final shot to ruminate on.

It's excruciating to wait for Season 3 to find out what happens next. But until then, you can dive into some fan theories about season 2 of Stranger Things to gather some clues and figure out what lies ahead for Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and the rest of the cast. The sleuths over at Reddit and avid watchers everywhere have come up with some truly crazy Stranger Things 2 theories for you to obsess over until the third season finally drops. Let's just hope poor Will can catch a break.  

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    There's More Than One Gate

    There's More Than One Gate
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    Eleven closed the gate in the Season 2 finale, but chances are that won't be the case for long. She managed to find her way out of the Upside Down at the beginning of the season and came out into the school hallway. Who's to say there won't be a similar, slimy crevice for a monster to burst out of in Season 3?

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    Eleven's Mother Is Linked To The Upside Down

    Eleven's Mother Is Linked To The Upside Down
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    In the first season, Will used lights to communicate with his mother from the Upside Down. That suggests the Upside Down and electricity are linked somehow. Now think on how Eleven's mother, Terry, indicated to El that she wanted to talk by causing all the lights in her house to flicker. Could this mean that Terry is linked to the Upside Down? Maybe part of her is stuck there, and that's why she's practically comatose in the real world.

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    You'll See More Of Eleven's Sister And The Rest Of Her Family

    You'll See More Of Eleven's Sister And The Rest Of Her Family
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    While episode 7 proved fairly divisive among fans, it did confirm that Eleven is one of many kids with mysterious powers; presumably she's the eleventh in a long line of gifted children. El's sister Kali (number eight) has the power to alter people's perception of reality, and sees the potential of Eleven's ability to find people. Could Kali be returning to implore Eleven to help in her revenge quest?

    On top of that, you can assume there are at least nine other kids with powers out there. Will Eleven be meeting more of her "family" in the seasons to come?

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    "Every Breath You Take" Is A Significant Song For The Mind Flayer

    "Every Breath You Take" Is A Significant Song For The Mind Flayer
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    "Every Breath You Take" by The Police is just as much a stalker anthem as it is a love song. Just check out some of the lyrics:

    "Every breath you take

    Every move you make 

    Every bond you break

    Every step you take

    I'll be watching you."

    Pretty creepy, no? Sure, the romantic guitar lick is a great accompaniment to Eleven and Mike's heartwarming first dance at the Snow Ball. But the more stalker-esque elements are a weirdly fitting soundtrack to the camera turning on its axis to reveal the Mind Flayer lurking above the school. Suddenly, the song sounds a whole lot like the creature's new plan: biding its time, waiting for its chance to get revenge on the kids that sealed the gate.

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    Steve Will Become A Hawkins Police Officer

    Steve Will Become A Hawkins Police Officer
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    Redditor BadZD1 has a fun theory for a possible plot of Season 3:  

    "[Steve should] be a training police officer in Hawkins. Gives him a chance to stay in Hawkins, while also probably staying for the long run. Everyone loves his character and he shows flashes of badassery all over Season 2. Also Hopper training Steve? That'd be dope af." 

    It makes sense, especially if you remember that Steve and his dad discussed him staying in Hawkins to work at his dad's company. Jonathan and Nancy will probably leave Hawkins for college, but Steve might stay behind. How about instead of joining his father's company, Steve joins the police force and becomes Hopper's trainee?

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    Dr. Owens Will Be Back

    Dr. Owens Will Be Back
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    Dr. Owens's motives were pretty murky for most of the season. Viewers are understandably suspicious of the guys in white coats, and Dr. Owens is very interested in what Will knows about the Upside Down. True, he has a heroic moment when the lab is besieged by the Demodogs, and he ends the season by helping Hopper legally adopt Eleven. But who's to say where his true loyalties lie? Sometimes the seemingly nice guys make the creepiest villains.

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