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Everything To Binge Watch After Finishing 'Stranger Things' Season 3

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The biggest problem with Stranger Things being so good is that most people can fly through each short season in only a few days. As the credits rolled on the Season 3 finale, fans were left with a familiar void in their lives that will haunt them as they await Season 4. Luckily, there's plenty of similar content out there to watch after finishing Stranger Things. These are the best binges to help make the wait for Season 4 more bearable.

  • Back To The Future1

    Back to the Future plays in the Starcourt Mall movie theater and provides a hiding place for Dustin and his crew. If you haven't seen the 1985 film, do yourself a favor.

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  • The Princess Bride2

    The Princess Bride made Cary Elwes an '80s icon long before he played Mayor Larry Kline in Season 3.

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  • Dark3

    Dark is a German Netflix series about a town experiencing a set of crimes nearly identical to ones committed 33 years earlier.

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  • Red Dawn4

    Dustin namedrops this movie multiple times in Season 3 while he and his crew are exploring the Russian base below Starcourt Mall. His comparison makes sense - Red Dawn centers around a group of teens fighting as a last line of defense against a Russian invasion.

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  • The NeverEnding Story5

    If you want to hear the inspiration for Dustin and Suzie's musical performance in the third season's finale, check out the 1984 classic, The NeverEnding Story

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  • The 1006

    100 troubled teens are sent from space back to Earth years after an atomic conflict. Their mission is to see if the planet is livable for the rest of humanity.

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  • The Terminator7

    Stranger Things Season 3 took a lot of inspiration from The Terminator series, especially in the inclusion of the Russian hit man hunting Hopper and Joyce. The original movie provides even more '80s cyborg action.

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  • Sixteen Candles8

    Both this John Hughes classic and Stranger Things's third season deal with the perils of young love.

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  • Runaways9


    This Hulu series follows a group of teens with superpowers who run away from home when they find out their parents are supervillains.

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  • The Society10

    Like Stranger Things, The Society revolves around a group of kids dealing with everyday teen problems, as well as some sci-fi/horror complications. This Netflix series follows a group of small-town kids who return from a field trip to find all their parents missing and all the routes out of town closed.

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  • Sex Education11

    If you're jonesing for more awkward teen romance after Stranger Things, look no further than this Netflix series. It follows a boy who doles out relationship advice to his fellow students, despite having very little firsthand knowledge on the subject.

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  • Pretty In Pink12

    There are plenty of similarities between the arcs of Pretty in Pink's Andie and Stranger Things's Robin. Both struggle to navigate friendships and relationships, and both are shown to be the super-cool girl who gets taken for granted at first.

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