'Stranger Things' Fans Share Thoughts & Small Details About Max That Have Them Running Up That Hill

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Season four of Stranger Things has been praised by critics and fans alike, who noted the season's clever writing, riveting performances from the young cast, and the new nightmare-fuel in regards to its latest villain, the Vecna. But the real standout for the season was Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), the group's ginger tomboy, whose loss of her brother Billy and the trauma from previous season caused her to spiral downward. Fans of the show have taken notice, praising Max on social media, while pointing out small details about the character and her scenes (especially one regarding Kate Bush's “Running Up That Hill.”) Here are a few posts about the season's MVP, Max. Vote up the best posts regarding the gamer formerly known as “Mad Max.”

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    Why The Letter To Steve Is So Important

    Why The Letter To Steve Is So Important
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    Erica's Right

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    'Let That Sink In'

    'Let That Sink In'
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    'Lives Were Changed'

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    Best Relationship

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    She's So Relatable

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