16 Behind The Scenes Secrets From The Set Of 'Stranger Things'

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While you wait for a new season of Stranger Things, it’s best to pass the time by thinking of all the cool things going on behind the scenes of everyone's favorite sci-fi spectacle, filmed in Hawkins, IN (or Atlanta, if you want to get specific). Stories from the set of Stranger Things are just as fascinating as the show, and they give the audience a more in-depth look at what makes Stranger Things so compelling.

These fun facts about the cast of Stranger Things open up the world of the show, and reveal everything from what the cast gets up to when they’re not filming, to how some of your favorite special effects were created. You’ll learn about which cast members actually fought during a major scene, and who hangs out the most when they’re not filming. On top of all that, the series creators, the Duffer brothers, have some insight into their love of all things Stephen King and Steven Spielberg. When you're done here, make sure to also check out our list of shows like Stranger Things.