Hard Evidence The Kids From 'Stranger Things' Are The Purest Kids In Hollywood

The world is full of stories about wild child actors and pint-sized superstars wreaking havoc. But the Stranger Things kids have thus far managed to avoid this fate; in fact, they prove time and again that they are in many ways just ordinary kids with extraordinary talents. The fact that they are each weathering the ups and downs of fame with skill and care is a tribute to both the kids' levelheadedness and the grounding influences they must have in their lives. What makes the Stranger Things cast cool is that they have no problem keeping it real. They speak frankly about fame; they are genuinely friends with each other; and they often go out of their way to show kindness and gratitude toward fans. These are not insignificant achievements when you consider that most members of the young cast are barely in their teens.

What makes the kids from Stranger Things nice, cool, and surprisingly down-to-Earth? 

  • Millie Bobby Brown Honored Parkland Victims At The 2018 Kids' Choice Awards

    It's not every day you encounter a woke 14-year-old. But Millie Bobby Brown proved she's more than an actress and a fashion plate when she attended the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards wearing an outfit that honored the Parkland shooting victims. She sported a simple denim ensemble, and the back of the shirt was printed with the names of the kids who died in the tragic school shooting. "March for Our Lives is an opportunity for us all to stand in solidarity against gun violence," Brown wrote on Instagram. "No child, teen, parent or teacher should be afraid to walk into their school or classroom. This is our chance to be HEARD! This is our chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

  • The Cast Cheered Up A Fan Who Threw A 'Stranger Things' Birthday Party (That Nobody Attended)

    It's something every kid — and adult, for that matter — dreads: to throw a party, and no one comes. That's just what happened to Aaron Alambat, who hosted a Stranger Things-themed birthday party, and not one of his invited guests showed up. His sister discussed the incident on Twitter, and the Stranger Things kids listened. Both Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo posted warm responses to Alambat, which reportedly boosted the kid's spirits. "He's chillin' now," Alambat's sister posted later. "He says if his classmates are gonna invite him [to a party], he won’t go. That’s his payback."

  • Finn Wolfhard Shared Funny Texts Sent Among The Cast


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    Like most kids today, the young cast members of Stranger Things keep in touch via group text. But it's what they've named these funny exchanges that really takes the cake. They've affectionately named their communications "Stranger Texts." Finn Wolfhard discussed the Stranger Texts with the Los Angeles Times during publicity for his movie It, and he revealed that he also regularly group texts with his castmates from that project too. Asked which group he's closer with, Wolfhard replied, "I'm close with them in different ways. If it comes down to brass tacks, I guess they're equal."

  • Millie Bobby Brown Once Came To Set Covered In Glitter

    It's sometimes easy to assume that because the Stranger Things kids have adult-sized talents, then they must just be adults trapped in little bodies. But it's important to remember that these are still kids, a fact that they remind us of every once in a while. During the filming of the show's first season, for example, Millie Bobby Brown showed up to set one day completely covered in glitter. Production had to be stopped so she could get cleaned up. As Stranger Things' creators The Duffer Brothers put it, "To this day, the origin of this glitter remains a mystery, but it seems like something that could only happen to an 11-year-old girl."

  • Noah Schnapp Got Acting Help From Winona Ryder

    Talk about a masterclass. During the filming of the show's second season, Noah Schnapp was having trouble getting one of his scenes down. He decided to reach out to costar Winona Ryder for help. Schnapp recounted the experience to Vulture:

    There was this one [scene] that I was worried about. So I just texted [Ryder], "Hey, can you help me with this? Can you come in and talk to me about it?" And she came in like an hour and a half earlier than she was called in for and she brought me in her trailer and she talked to me. She gave me tips and guided me how to do the scene. And she was like, "You’ll do it. You’ll do great."

  • Priah Ferguson Won The Directors' Hearts Along With A Bigger Role

    Priah Ferguson Won The Directors' Hearts Along With A Bigger Role
    Photo: Netflix

    Priah Ferguson played Lucas's little sister in the second season of the show, but the role actually wasn't written to be as substantial as it ended up being. The reason? Priah Ferguson won the directors' hearts — and fans', too. "I love Erica," said creator Matt Duffer. "[Ferguson] was just a local hire we made in Atlanta. Erica wasn’t even supposed to be in [Season 2] as much as she was. We fell in love with this girl." And good news: she'll be back for Season 3.