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15 Mind-Flaying Fan Theories About The 'Stranger Things' Kids

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There's a ton of mysteries piling up between four seasons of Stranger Things. The Netflix drama has fans eagerly awaiting the next season, but fans are still speculating about the terrifying what-ifs that could happen. These Stranger Things fan theories focused on the kids may help fans delve deeper into the Upside Down. 

There's still too little evidence to know exactly what the Mind Flayer is, or how it connects to Will and Eleven. Take a look and show some love for Stranger Things by voting up your favorite fan theories below!

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    Billy's Not Dead

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    From Redditor u/guybro194:

    What if when Billy went in the phone booth and went into the Upside Down and met the other Billy the original one is still in there and is not really dead.

    One piece of evidence I noticed was that when Billy crashed his car he had a big gash on his head and after he returns from the Upside Down the wound is gone. This may show that he is still in the Upside Down and the Upside Down copy of himself is the one that did all of those bad things in the regular world.

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    The Demogorgon Specifically Hunted Will

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    From Redditor u/TomHardyAsBronson

    Rewatching the first episode, I got the distinct impression that the "demogorgon" was specifically hunting Will. When all the kids leave Mike's house, the lights outside flicker, indicating that the demogorgon is there. It stalks the kids as they bike home, but for some reason follows Will all the way home, ignoring Lucas and Dustin going off on their own, as well as skipping right over the family dog.

    If the demogorgon was looking for food, there were targets that would have been easier to get: Dustin just standing alone and unmoving in the road and the dog. Yet for some reason, it follows him specifically. Then later, in episode 2, El spies a picture of Will and has an emotional response to it. It doesn't really make sense that she would know him from his being kidnapped or from Mike talking about him: her response doesn't make sense in that context. Will didn't enter the Upside Down until she was fleeing through the woods, so she didn't interact with the Upside Down between fleeing and seeing the picture. She seems to have a personal, emotional response to him. (cont'd)

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    Will Has A Deep Connection With The Demogorgan

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    From Redditor u/quinn283:

    I believe that Will is involved more than it appears with the Demogorgon itself and with making portals. In his house, Will is calling for his mother and eventually is able to open up a small, non-traversable portal. Isn’t that strange in and of itself? You may be able to argue the monster was close and therefore Will was simply in front of the portal the monster was opening. I’m not so sure though. I think something happened to will that didn’t happen to Barb in the moments after being taken the first episode. He seems to have autonomy within the Upside-Down but maybe he is already possessed by the monster just in a different way.

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    Eleven And Will Have Met Before

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    From Redditor u/peanutbrittlebabe:

    Almost finished with my second viewing of the series. Obviously there are several unanswered questions that hopefully we'll learn more about in a second season, but there's one thing nagging me that I can't find an explanation for. When Eleven was in Mike's bedroom, she points to Will's picture indicating that she knows Will and has seen him before. Where would she know him from? Was that addressed in some way that I missed? I could easily have missed something, binging has that effect. Just didn't seem to be questioned or addressed in any way.

    Some people have theorized that Will might have some powers, similar to Elle. Not sure I believe that, but could they have targeted him as a future test subject at the lab? Maybe Elle saw his picture there somewhere? There's also the fact that the monster followed Will for a while before taking him. The others who were taken seemed to just be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the monster followed Will through the woods, through the house, and then into the shed. Not sure what that means either. Maybe Elle somehow saw Will as the monster's target when she made contact?

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