Who Was The MVP Of 'Stranger Things' Season 3?

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Vote up the characters you thought were the MVPs of 'Stranger Things' Season 3.

Stranger Things features heroes of all ages, from adults right down to pre-teens. The show's third season saw these characters seperated and dealing with different but interlinking problems - infiltrating a Russian base, dodging a hit man, and facing off against a monster from an alternate dimension. There are plenty of candidates for who the true MVP of Stranger Things Season 3 is, so cast your vote below to decide.

  • Steve Harrington
    2,923 votes

    Steve won his first fight this season - against a Russian scientist, no less. He also plunged into the depths of a secret base and withstood a Russian interrogation, all while maintaining his title of World's Raddest Babysitter.

  • Dustin Henderson
    2,698 votes

    Dustin spent most of the season seperated from his closest friends, but that didn't stop him from finding and infiltrating a secret Russian base hidden beneath Starcourt Mall.

  • Jim Hopper
    2,859 votes

    Hopper managed to juggle both parenting a lovestruck teenage girl and dismantling a Russian plot to re-open the Upside Down, all while under chase by a Terminator-esque hit man.

  • Eleven
    Millie Bobby Brown
    2,492 votes

    Eleven's powers were on full display in Season 3 as she faced off against the Mind Flayer and its army of Flayed, all while finding her independence from both Hopper and Mike.

  • Robin


    2,457 votes

    Robin went from scooping ice cream at Scoops Ahoy to cracking Russian codes, infiltrating bases, getting drugged, and learning about alternate dimensions, all of which she took in stride.

  • Dr. Alexei

    Dr. Alexei

    2,277 votes

    Despite starting out the season by trying to open the rift to the Upside Down, Russian scientist Dr. Alexei quickly became one of the most lovable and pivotal figures of Season 3 by giving Hopper and Joyce information on how to take down the Russian base.