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Everything We Know About ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

SPOILERS for Stranger Things Seasons 1, 2, and 3 ahead.

After a delay in production due to COVID-19 concerns, the Season 4 Stranger Things locomotive is back on track. We don't know yet when the next installment of the popular Netflix series will hit television screens, but we do have a few hints at the plot of Stranger Things Season 4, courtesy of the show's creators (there are numerous fan theories as well). Here are the biggest Stranger Things Season 4 facts we already know.

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    May 6, 2021: Netflix Releases A Cryptic Teaser Trailer

    Netflix revealed more footage from the upcoming season of Stranger Things, and fittingly, the clip raises more questions rather than providing answers. We see what appears to be a flashback to the experimental facility run by Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine).

    There seems to be a particular emphasis on numbers in the teaser - a clock on the wall shows it's nearly three o'clock, and a child drops discs into a Plinko game, obscuring the numbers 4, 7, and 8, while leaving 3, 5, and 6 visible. There is also a panning shot of the door numbers down a long hall, with the camera finally settling on 11, an obvious reference to the series' resident superhero Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). We then hear Brenner ask Eleven if she is listening. 

    Fans have been quick to speculate on the meaning of these numbers, with many theorizing they could indicate an official release date for the new season. But as reported by Screenrant writer Robert Peterpaul, a different set of numbers included in the YouTube description reveals a promise of more teasers to come. One Twitter user connected this video to the clip released back in February 2020, which revealed that Jim Hopper (David Harbour) had in fact survived the explosion that seemed to take his life at the end of Season 3. 


    Peterpaul notes:

    The user was quick to point out that the last Stranger Things 4 teaser from back in February of 2020 had a similar description. It seems the numbers aren't meant to be dates, but a counter of the amount of trailers that will be aired before the show streams. Stranger Things responded to the comment with two shifty eyes, an emoji typically used to highlight something.

  • November 20, 2020: Freddy Krueger Actor Robert Englund Will Join The Cast

    Bloody-Disgusting announced in November 2020 that veteran horror actor and A Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger himself) will join the cast of the Duffer Brothers' sci-fi series.

    John Squires wrote, "Englund will play the recurring role of Victor Creel, a disturbed and intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the 1950s."

  • November 2020: Tweets Reveal A Mysterious New Group In Hawkins

    The official Stranger Things Twitter account posted an image of a script for the upcoming season's first episode, titled "The Hellfire Club." Next to this, another image appeared, showing a logo for the titular organization, featuring a demonic face and Dungeons & Dragons dice. The account also replied with a picture of Dustin actor Gaten Matarazzo posing in a Hellfire Club T-shirt, then a video of Matarazzo running in slow-motion with a flag bearing the same logo. 

    While this club is presumably a way for Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will to expand their D&D operations, GamesRadar writer Bradley Russell notes that the group's name has a Marvel connection as well:

    For comic fans, The Hellfire Club is an interesting moniker. The group were introduced in the X-Men comics of the early ‘80s and set about introducing world events and pulling strings from behind the scenes. Coincidence? Knowing the gang’s geekier tendencies, probably - but it’s a cute nod either way.

  • October 2020: Series Writers Unveil The First Three Episodes' Titles

    The official Stranger Things writers' room Twitter account unveiled the titles of the first three episodes of Season 4. They are:

    "The Hellfire Club"

    "Tick Tock, Mr. Clock"

    "You Snooze, You Lose"

    The account also revealed a fourth title, though it's likely this one was a joke: "Wakey Wakey Eggs And Bakey."