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Netflix Releases New Teaser Trailer For Season 4 Of 'Stranger Things' (WATCH)

May 6, 2021 1.2k views1 items

You have to hand it to Netflix. The company knows how to build hype. The streaming service debuted a new minute-long trailer for the upcoming fourth season of its hit sci-fi series Stranger Things and it was instantly the talk of the internet.

The moody clip, accompanied by the enigmatic tagline, "Eleven, are you listening?" revealed little while setting up a number of potential mysteries, and internet sleuths were all too happy to parse the trailer for clues as to what could be coming up next for Eleven and the gang.

There have been no new episodes of the series since July 2019, but the two years off do not seem to have affected fan interest. Within six hours of its release on the show's official Twitter page, the trailer had racked up nearly 5 million views, close to 400,000 likes, and almost 150,000 retweets. 

Those numbers are likely to continue to grow and offer the exact kind of publicity Netflix is counting on for the return of one of its most popular shows. A release date has not been officially announced for the fourth season.