All The Ways Starcourt Mall Took Us Straight Back To The '80s In 'Stranger Things 3'

If you've watched Season 3 of Stranger Things, you probably know it's one big celebration of 1980s nostalgia. Stranger Things' Starcourt Mall nails a perfect portrait of everyone's favorite '80s hangout, with its now-vintage stores, neon-lit food court, and scores of teen girls with crimped or permed hair.

Although the characters in Stranger Things make some bad decisions in Season 3, spending a chunk of their summer in the mall to have fun doesn't seem to be one of them. Here you'll find a guided tour through Stranger Things-induced '80s shopping nostalgia as you see all the mall trappings that will make you say, "Oh, yeah! I remember that..."

Rest assured that even if you haven't gotten around yet to bingeing Stranger Things 3, you'll be able to safely navigate the list spoiler-free. If you were born post-1980s, let this list be your guide to many of the Stranger Things throwbacks you don't quite get.