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10 Totally Weird Stranger Things Fan Theories That Could Explain Everything

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With plenty of weird things happening in town - and a few season-ending revelations - it's no wonder fans have already started coming up with Stranger Things theories that explain some of the show's biggest mysteries. The show's finale answered as many questions as it suddenly asked, so keep reading to learn more about fan theories that explain all kinds of hidden meanings in Stranger Things. You won't find creepy, shadow veil monsters here, but you will find SPOILERS. Consider yourself warned.

Some of these theories may seem far-fetched, but they all end up being incredibly plausible, as fans of this '80s-inspired television series have been working hard to shine a light through the darkness.

Could El really be dead? And who are really her parents? What's going on with Will and how long has he been coughing up those slugs? A lot of weird things have happened in Hawkins, and things can only get... stranger. This list looks at Stranger Things fan theories that include heartbreakers like Chief Jim Hopper going to work for the bad guys, whether or not El is still alive, and some solid ideas about what the Upside Down is (nuclear fallout?! the future?!). You might also find a few Stranger Things Easter eggs you missed along the way.

All of these theories were born from the show's canon, so whether you agree or disagree, it's hard not to notice when you give in and re-watch. 

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    Chief Hopper Is Eleven's Dad

    A lot of questions came up when Chief Hopper left those Eggo waffles in the woods during the show's final episode. Does he know she's alive? How? But this Stranger Things theory goes a bit beyond that and asks, "Is Hopper her dad?"

    The flashback scene where Hopper's daughter dies in the hospital ends with the flat line and cuts out there, too. But what if she didn't actually die? And what if Hopper enrolled her in an experimental government program to cure her? She was taken - against Hopper's wife's wishes - and turned into Eleven. Hopper realizes this only after El has vanished and leaves her Eggos in the woods until he can find her.

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    The Water Supply Was Drugged

    Hawkins National Laboratory does not have a shining reputation. Brenner and Co. are definitely shady. The experiments we know about include using a child as an assassin and giving hallucinogens to young, pregnant women.

    What if some of those hallucinogens got out? And into the town's water supply? That would mean that Eleven, the Demogorgon, Will's disappearance, and the Upside Down - all of it - are all really nothing but a bad acid trip. What if everyone in the town is just tripping balls?

    No. Just no. That can't be it.

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