People Reveal The Strangest Compliments They've Ever Received

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Nothing strokes the ego quite as perfectly as a well-timed compliment. Some smooth operators have completely mastered the art of using gilded words like gifts. These masters of language can sweet talk their way out of any bind. They can steal anyone's heart. They completely transcend any verbal barriers that might prevent them from having things that they want.

This understanding of flowery one-liners isn't easily taught, however. Some people try for years to give good compliments, but they always fall short. One wonders, "How hard can it really be to make someone feel good about himself or herself?" But in truth, many a lovelorn teenager has tried to woo a paramour with accolades and failed. Novices might say, "Your voice makes me want to kidnap you" or "Wow, you're great at spreading butter." Novices might not even understand why their well-meaning compliments are driving people away.

This list won't help you hone your niceties, but perhaps it will steer you away from bumbling as egregiously as the poor fools that are mentioned on Reddit.

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    A Kidnapper Loves Your Voice

    Reddit user SpookySkelebois was told:

    “You have a voice that makes me want to kidnap you and force you to read me bedtime stories.”

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    You Can Have Babies And Look Good Doing Doing It

    Reddit user draftmonk was told:

    "You'd look good with a baby coming out of you."

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    You're Every Prisoner's Foot Fetish

    From Reddit user IlariaOdinsdottir:

    "My sister's BF told me one time that guys in prison would fap to my feet all day long."

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    Serial Killers Love You

    From Reddit user Earloflemongrabb:

    "My veins tend to show in my arms a lot. I was told once, 'Your veins are so visible! You'd be a perfect candidate for the victim of a serial killer!'"

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    Your Ears Are Great For Chewing

    Reddit user KindaSortaDeadInside was told:

    "Your ears are so crunchy!"

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    You're Good At Putting Butter On Stuff

    From Reddit user siledas:

    "I was making breakfast for my friend once and he said, 'Man, you're really good at spreading butter!'"

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