The 14 Most Bizarre Cafés In The World  

Katia Kleyman
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There are some bizarre restaurants out there that provide a fun dining experience, but concept cafes take thematic effects to another level. There are places that use the strangest things for plates, such as bedpans, and employ interesting chefs, like convicted felons. 

Cafes all over the world like to incorporate themes in various ways. Sometimes, the theme is a sensory experience while other times, the utensils and décor are the things that compose the theme. In Japan alone, there are about a thousand weirdly themed cafes, ranging from robot servers to maids who call you "master." Take a look at the list below and vote up the concept cafes you find eccentric and odd. 

The Clinic Cafe In The Clarke Quay District, Singapore
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Photo:  just.j3ssy/Instagram

Bedpans filled with dumplings and syringes full of ketchup - these are the staples you’ll find at The Clinic in Singapore. The restaurant was created as an ode to Dutch artist Damien Hirst. You can kick back in a golden wheelchair while “nurses” serve you IV drips full of booze. A trip to the hospital has never been more fun. 

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Big Knit Cafe In Bangkok, Thailand
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Photo:  msforeveronvacation/Instagram

The Big Knit Cafe in Thailand combines crafts and the feeling of “home-cooked meals.” You can knit yourself a scarf while you dine at this charming spot. Besides an extensive menu, they also have quite the collection of yarn to choose from. They boast threads like cashmere, merino wool, and angora in every color of the rainbow. 

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Fortezza Medicea In Volterra, Italy
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Photo:  Wisata Eropa/Pinterest

If you eat at the Fortezza Medicea restaurant, you may want to check your bowl of spaghetti for a shank. That’s because this restaurant is located in a prison within a 500-year-old fortress in Italy. The prison inmates are actually the chefs and waitstaff. Also, you practically have to kill to get a table there because reservations are booked weeks in advance. 

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Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe In Tokyo, Japan
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Photo:  Akiba Fukurou/Twitter

Who knew that an owl cafe would be such a hit (or hoot)? Visitors can pet and hold the birds at the Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe, but please, no flash photography (it distresses the birds). The cafe is reservation only, permitting small groups of people to come and relax with the owls. 

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