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The Weirdest, Most Unexpected Places Fossils Have Been Found

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When we think of a fossil dig, we often picture a rocky valley or pit far away from civilization. However, surprising fossil locations are uncovered all the time. It's not a dinosaur conspiracy - prehistoric life existed all around us, even under our shopping centers and subway systems.

Fossils found in surprising places can give regular people a chance to experience the excitement of discovering the remains of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. It’s a great reason to keep your eyes peeled when exploring the great outdoors - or even when building a new fire station.

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    Mammoth Remains Were Found Under Los Angeles During Subway Construction

    A work crew extending the Los Angeles subway system encountered more than a few fossils as they worked their way west, including prehistoric camel and horse bones. The most amazing discovery, though, was a nearly intact mammoth skull.

    Under the supervision of paleontologist Ashley Leger, it was judged to be that of a juvenile and included both tusks, a rare piece of luck. It was named Hayden, after actress Hayden Panettiere.

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    Fossilized Prehistoric Footprints Were Found All Over A NASA Parking Lot

    In 2012, amateur paleontologist Ray Stanford was dropping his wife off at work in the parking lot of NASA’s Maryland office when he spotted a chunk of rock similar to one with a dinosaur print he discovered a few years prior. After some investigation, excavators discovered the chunk was the tip of a huge slab of sandstone with dozens of fossilized tracks from Cretaceous creatures.

    The 100-million-year-old rock contained tracks from sauropods, pterosaurs, and mammals, as well as fossilized worms and excretions. In a press release, paleontologist Martin Lockley called it “the mother lode of Cretaceous mammal tracks.”

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    A Group Of Boys Found A Mastodon In Their Backyard

    Two Mississippi brothers and their cousin were accustomed to finding petrified wood in their backyard; however,  in 2018, they found something much more exciting. “I thought it was a log,” Caid Sellers told Fox News. Instead, the object turned out to be the jaw of a mastodon. The boys used a golf cart to transport the fossil back to their home.

    The Sellers family is considering turning the jawbone into part of a coffee table.

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    Torosaurus Fossils Were Discovered At A Construction Site Near Denver

    Photo: Yiran Chen / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Labor crews in Thornton, Colorado, dug deep into the earth - deeper than most projects usually go. While preparing to build a new police and fire station, the construction workers found the fossilized remains of a dinosaur. A partial skull was initially thought to belong to a triceratops, but further investigation found it to be the cranium of the closely related torosaurus. It was the most complete example of a torosaurus ever found.

    The find also included a tyrannosaurus rex tooth - perhaps the one that made a meal of “Tiny,” as the torosaurus was later nicknamed.

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