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When we think of a fossil dig, we often picture a rocky valley or pit far away from civilization. However, surprising fossil locations are uncovered all the time. It's not a dinosaur conspiracy - prehistoric life existed all around us, even under our shopping centers and subway systems.

Fossils found in surprising places can give regular people a chance to experience the excitement of discovering the remains of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. It’s a great reason to keep your eyes peeled when exploring the great outdoors - or even when building a new fire station.

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Massive Mosasaurs Were Found Behind A Busy New Jersey Shopping Center

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Photo:  Travel Manitoba/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

A shopping center in central New Jersey sits near a quarry that has become the center of increased attention from paleontologists. For years, excavation of the quarry has revealed a great number of marine fossils from the Cretaceous period. Largest among them are the remains of massive mosasaurs, but the fossils also include crocodiles, sharks, and brachiopods.

The area was once part of a shallow sea, and the surrounding earth appears to be from the end of the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs and many other species went extinct.

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The Fossil Of A Carnivorous Whale Was Found In The Peruvian Desert

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Photo: Ghedoghedo/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Most whales today are very docile and few hunt large animals. The same can’t be said for Livyatan, a massive and aggressive whale with large, sharp teeth. Livyatan was discovered in the middle of the vast Peruvian Pisco-Ica desert on the last day of a two-year archaeological search.

Scientists theorize Livyatan would have preyed on its kind; the species likely ate whales when they were much more common in the world’s oceans.

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Torosaurus Fossils Were Discovered At A Construction Site Near Denver

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Photo: Yiran Chen/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Labor crews in Thornton, Colorado, dug deep into the earth - deeper than most projects usually go. While preparing to build a new police and fire station, the construction workers found the fossilized remains of a dinosaur. A partial skull was initially thought to belong to a triceratops, but further investigation found it to be the cranium of the closely related torosaurus. It was the most complete example of a torosaurus ever found.

The find also included a tyrannosaurus rex tooth - perhaps the one that made a meal of “Tiny,” as the torosaurus was later nicknamed.

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Mammoth Remains Were Found Under Los Angeles During Subway Construction

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Photo:  James St. John/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

A work crew extending the Los Angeles subway system encountered more than a few fossils as they worked their way west, including prehistoric camel and horse bones. The most amazing discovery, though, was a nearly intact mammoth skull.

Under the supervision of paleontologist Ashley Leger, it was judged to be that of a juvenile and included both tusks, a rare piece of luck. It was named Hayden, after actress Hayden Panettiere.

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