Weird Nature Creepy Home Infestations That Will Keep You Up At Night  

Mick Jacobs

Typically, when exterminators respond to home infestations, they deal with termites, cockroaches, and mice. However, sometimes home invaders aren't the usual suspects, and the very strangest pest infestations appear in the video below.

As rare as these small-scale plagues are, they remind homeowners that sometimes you have to expect the worst. After all, what sounds like a mouse in your walls might actually be a reptile. 

Now, in addition to worrying about your basement flooding or your mortgage payments, you can also fret over whether or not a horde of animals is taking over your home right under your nose. 

Thankfully, specific factors create the conditions for particular pests to infest people's homes. To avoid getting run out of your home by an unusual and horrifying army, check out the video below.