Travel Ranker: Top 5 Strangest Places on Earth  

Mick Jacobs

Though you may not live in Middle Earth, Earth 616, or Hyrule, you live in a world where no shortage of strange and beautiful things exist. In fact, some of the most stunning places in the world resemble something out of a fantasy world, and you'll see why in the video below.

According to Ranker's own list on the strangest places on earth, five particular locations stood out from the rest for their distinct yet beautiful landscapes. Spread far and wide across the globe, these places came to be from a variety of factors.

Some of these locations arose out of natural processes such as volcanic activity or erosion while others owe their uniqueness to the local wildlife. And one location among this list actually owes its beauty to man-made efforts.

Hogwarts and Tatooine may not exist, but there are plenty of mysteries you've yet to explore for yourself on this planet. Watch the video below to learn about a few of the strangest places on Earth.