Weird History Gross Foods Our Founding Fathers Actually Ate  

Rebecca High

The American Constitution is a true testament to the genius of its framers. Have you ever wondered just what was fueling those long sessions of government formation? This video has the answers you seek.

Setting up the "New World" took a lot of effort and, while feeding oneself was vital to the cause, most meals were basic by modern standards. Fish were often on the menu in coastal or river towns like Boston or Plymouth, but often the fish readily available were what we now consider the dregs of edible seafood: super bony shad, for example, or bottom-feeding crustaceans. 

And while It's true that tastes change over time, it's hard to imagine why anyone would ever choose to eat tongue when the rest of the animal is available for consumption. 

Still, it seems like the Founding Fathers were simply working with what they had. Hopefully your dinner is a little more appetizing than what's on display in the video below.