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The 14 Strangest References In The 'Silent Hill' Video Games

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Ever since its initial 1999 release on the PlayStationthe Silent Hill series has captivated fans with its twisted, psychological attitude towards horror games. In place of the jump scares of Resident EvilSilent Hill favors a slow build-up of shock and terror as the player navigates its ugly, haunted world. The demonic creatures that roam Silent Hill are indeed terrifying, but they manifest from the inner torment of the people drawn to the town. Despite some clunky gameplay mechanics, the series remains a fascinating exploration of the broken mentality of its "heroes." 

Team Silent, the developers behind the early games, didn't create the insanity of Silent Hill in a vacuum. They were inspired by movies, books, and works of art. While there are a lot of obvious horror nods in Silent Hill (such as to the film Jacob's Ladder), there are other homages that come completely out of left field. 

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    A Madonna Music Video Inspired The Feel Of 'Silent Hill 2'

    Photo: Madonna / YouTube

    When thinking about the nightmarish world of Silent Hill 2, Madonna's 1998 album, Ray of Light, seems the least likely comparison. However, if not for the sixth song on the album, "Nothing Really Matters," Silent Hill 2 wouldn't be the creepy game that fans love to this day. 

    Masahiro Ito, monster designer and art director for Silent Hill 2, said that the eerie music video for Madonna's "Nothing Really Matters" influenced the haunting atmosphere of the game. The dingy psychiatric hospital in the music video looks very similar to the one in Silent Hill 2, and the unsettling movements of the patients are reminiscent of how the monsters behave in the game. 

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    Maria's Wearing Christina Aguilera's Clothes

    Photo: Silent Hill 2 / Konami

    Pop music lovers of the 1990s will instantly recognize who Maria is wearing in Silent Hill 2. From the pink, long-sleeved shirt to the leopard skirt, it appears Christina Aguilera's appearance in the 1999 Teen Choice Awards was used as the visual inspiration for Maria's design.

    And fashion isn't the only thing Maria has in common with the American singer. Christina Aguilera's middle name is also Maria! 

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    'Silent Hill 2' Was Heavily Inspired By 'Blue Velvet'

    Silent Hill 2 shares many similarities with the 1986 David Lynch movie Blue Velvet. The characters of Maria and Dorothy are very similar, as both are women who perform at bars, have unnatural hair (one dyed; the other a wig), unpredictable personalities, and lust after the main character. Dorothy also shares traits with Angela, as the two are victims of abuse, have missing families, and wield a large kitchen knife in key scenes of their stories. Even the architecture of Blue Creek Apartments is similar to Deep River Apartments from the movie.

    The most direct comparison between Blue Velvet and Silent Hill 2, however, is a pivotal scene involving a closet. Jeffery Beaumont and James Sunderland both shoot the bad guy (Frank Booth in Blue Velvet and Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2) while hiding in the closet. 

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    Con Air Inspired The Designs Of James Sunderland's Family

    Photo: Con Air / Buena Vista Pictures

    Who knew the 1997 action movie Con Air would continue to live on in Silent Hill 2? Eagle-eyed fans have noticed James Sunderland's wife and daughter are dressed similarly to Nicholas Cage's family in the movie. Laura has same overall jeans and hairstyle, though she wears a striped instead of a yellow shirt. Mary's hair is different from her movie counterpart, but the motherly outfits are identical

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