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The Biggest Lies Robert Pattinson Has Ever Made Up For Interviews

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There are few things in Hollywood harder to fact-check than a Robert Pattinson interview. Anyone who's spent time sifting through Robert Pattinson quotes and clips on YouTube knows that the actor has told some truly unbelievable stories over the years. Some stories he's gone back on and admitted were lies, while others are truly just too absurd to believe, especially with his track record. 

So, why does Robert Pattinson lie? He told Jimmy Kimmel that he makes up his lies out of "panic," but admitted that they often send him down a rabbit hole he can't get out of. His lies don't just cause trouble for himself, either; his publicist routinely calls him after interviews to ask, "What do I have to fix for you now?" 

As the new Dark Knight in Warner Bros.' The Batman and a timeless meme legend, Pattinson seems poised to stay an A-list celebrity for years, which promises plenty more time for him to sneak fibs into his press appearances.

  • 5. He Claimed He Has 'Heavy Saliva' And Can't Spit Further Than A Foot

    Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / ABC

    What Did He Say: While discussing his tendency to lie in a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, Pattinson spontaneously announced that he had "extraordinarily heavy saliva." He said that, due to this condition, he can only spit "about a foot." He said he used to think the cause of his short spitting was due to his weak lips and only recently was told it was due to his heavy saliva. Robert further explained that when he is lying, his saliva becomes looser. 

    Was He Lying: Pattinson has never revealed whether this particular factoid was a lie, but it seems too unlikely to check out. He launched into this discussion immediately after talking about his panic-induced lying. From other interviews, we know that he doesn't like being honest about himself, and being honest about his panic-filled lies most likely caused enough panic in the young Batman to launch into a brand new panic-induced lie.

  • 6. He Told Jimmy Kimmel He Had To Pleasure A Dog

    Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / ABC

    What Did He Say: Jimmy Kimmel set the stage for this strange anecdote on an episode of his talk show with an abrupt, "OK, tell us what happened with the dog now." Pattinson then went on to describe a scene he filmed for Good Time in which he was "sleeping with the dog" and "basically goes on to give the dog a handjob." When Kimmel asked Pattinson if it was "him the actor doing it" or "the character," the actor claimed that the director told Pattinson, "Just do it for real man, don't be a p*ssy."

    Was He Lying: Definitely, or at least, that's what the official statement from his PR team told the press. The following day, he released a statement in which he said the anecdote was intended to be a joke.

  • 7. He Told 'Esquire' He Ate Mud Between Takes Making 'The Lighthouse'

    Photo: A24

    What Did He Say: Pattinson discussed the lengths he went through to achieve the madness necessary for his role in The Lighthouse with Esquire. He explained that "because you're playing a mad person, it means you can sort of be mad the whole time. Well, not the whole time, but for like an hour before the scene." What exactly did he mean by being mad? Well, he said, "You can literally just be sitting on the floor growling and licking up puddles of mud." He went on to say that he spent a lot of time on set making himself throw up and "pissing his pants." 

    Was He Lying: Actually, maybe not. A commenter on IndieWire claiming to be The Lighthouse producer Jay Van Hoy explained the story further. They were concerned that readers might misunderstand and think that Robert Pattinson was actually drunk while filming the movie, so he assured everyone that he wasn't. He did add that "he probably did actually eat mud," which gives this story some level of sourcing.

  • 8. He Told 'Creme' Magazine That He Went On A Date With A Stalker

    Photo: Twilight / Summit Entertainment

    What Did He Say: Like many celebrities, Robert Pattinson has had to deal with overzealous fans and even stalkers. He claimed to have an odd method for getting rid of them in 2009: taking them on dates. While filming a movie in Spain, Robert Pattinson said he couldn't shake a determined stalker who stood outside of his apartment for weeks. He finally got fed up with her and asked her out to dinner. After a night of listening to his complaints, she decided he wasn't really worth her time. According to Pattinson, "I just complained about everything in my life, and she never came back. People get bored of me in like two minutes." 

    Was He Lying: Who can really say? The story doesn't sound like the safest way to deal with a stalker in your life, but maybe bringing yourself down to a human level would do the trick in getting someone to stop idolizing you.