Weird History Bizarre Olympic Events That Didn't Stand The Test Of Time  

Rebecca High

Ever since the first official Olympic Games in 1896, the international committee has kept a fairly conservative pace on the expansion of competitive categories. As this video shows, however, the powers that be have tried to incorporate more than a few sports that turned out to be completely infeasible fails.

Take, for example, downhill ski-ballet, which is a humorous blend of, well, ice skating with long-ass skis on. You'd think the demonstration category would be a big hit, considering it combines two of the most beloved sports from the Winter Games. But when ski-ballet debuted at the Calgary '88 games, it didn't catch on, and even though it made a valiant attempt at a comeback in a French Olympiad event in '92, audiences ignored it once again. Perhaps the silliness was too much for the purists.

Or what about pommel vaulting — a classic gymnastics event, but what about if you swap about the leather pommel for real, live horses? The 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium, decided to do just this: it combined equestrian sport with gymnastics, and riders basically did various types of athletic jumps from and onto their horses. Picture the women's gymnastics team hopping over live Clydesdales and you realize why this event never progressed out of 1920.

What other kinds of delightful sports or non-sports have been "trial-and-error"-ed from the Olympics? Watch this video to find out which competitions you'll sadly never be able to view live again.