A Stray Dog Invades A Soccer Game And The Fans Couldn't Be Happier  

Jadyn Beyer

Have you ever wished that you could see what your favorite sports star would look like next to a dog? To the delight of soccer fans in Gori, Georgia, they were able to witness just that as an adorable stray dog emerged onto the field during a professional game. 

Serious soccer players suddenly take on the role of dog trainers in this video as they attempt to harmlessly guide the dog off the field. Not many may know this, but soccer is usually just played by humans without puppy counterparts.

The dog spent three whole minutes on the pitch, entertaining the crowd as it raced from player to player and performed various tricks that you just have to see.

Severe cuteness overload ahead. We're just hoping one of the players decided to give this soccer dog a good home!