The Best Brooklyn Street Art

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These days, trying to pin down the best Brooklyn street art is sort of like trying to identify the best paintings of the Italian Renaissance. No longer is graffiti an annoying way for punk kids to prove their manhood, but an incredible movement that's developed into an art form all its own. Brooklyn, NY has no doubt become home to some of the best street art in the world with the help of The Bushwick Collective, where artists from all over the world flock to collaborate on stunning pieces.  

If you're ever lucky enough to have a day to explore Brooklyn, then this collection of some of the borough's best street art will get you started when it comes to finding everything from incredible stencil work to remarkable graffiti portraits. There are even free tours available if you want to find out more about the artists behind some of the incredible murals you'll see. Be sure to vote for your favorite pieces as you browse the collection to let everyone know which pieces are well worth the trip. 

Photo: joeiurato / Instagram