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People Describe The Times Street Smarts Got Them Out Of Danger

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Trusting your gut feelings about someone can be tricky - after all, you don't want to seem rude. But maybe someone is standing a bit too close at the bus stop, or maybe that person asking for directions doesn't need directions at all. Street smarts are important, and sometimes they can even save your life. 

These stories demonstrate just how necessary street smart skills are, especially when you're on your own and something just doesn't feel right.

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    A Woman Tried To Bait Them With Her Broken-Down Car

    From Redditor u/divvip:

    I was driving up to my cabin alone on a fairly remote highway when I noticed an SUV on the shoulder with its hazards on. As I got closer, I could see the hood was up, and the only person in sight was an attractive young woman standing at the back of the SUV waving me down. I slowed down and prepared to stop to help, but an alarm bell went off in my head, so I took my time as I slowed so that I could take in the scene.

    When I was nearly at a complete stop with the SUV just in front of me, I noticed she seemed out of place for that area based on her appearance... Then I noticed a strange expression on her face, bordering on what I would call an evil grin.

    I hit the gas, swerved around the SUV, and at the same moment, two men rushed out from around the front of the SUV, one of them hitting the passenger side of my windshield with a gloved hand as I sped by. In my rear view mirror, I saw two more figures emerge from the woods, and a couple of them appeared to be holding objects which I can only assume were [firearms].

    I expected them to chase me, but thankfully they didn't. I called the police, described the whole scene, but never heard anything about it.

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    A Woman Tried To Get Them Into Her 'Candy Room' On Halloween

    From Redditor u/Uprotato:

    Halloween several years ago, I was out late trick-or-treating with my friends. All was good and well until we got into the really rich neighborhood in which they would give you the good candy. Sounds awesome, right? Wrong.

    We went through the blocks getting full-sized candy bars and having a blast when we reached a regular house, decorations and all. We knocked and did our usual chant, and a woman greeted us at the door. She told us that if we wanted candy, we would have to go into the candy room upstairs. 

    I immediately felt awkward and not good because I noticed the stench from the house, and being the oldest in our group (no parents), [I] told everyone to dip. We ran and never returned.

    Fast forward two weeks, and on the news police arrested a couple for trying to [take] kids. when their faces popped up on screen, I recognized the woman and told my parents. From then on, they had to come trick-or-treating.

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    A Couple Tried To Take Her Baby At A Gas Station

    From a former Redditor:

    [My] best friend was driving to California from Arizona with her 2-year-old for work... she stopped at a gas station and just got a weird feeling. She normally doesn’t lock her car when she pumps gas, but she decided to do it. During that process a woman came up to her and started talking all nice and whatnot. She got an uneasy feeling about it and heard a noise like someone trying to open a door.

    She turned around and saw the woman’s husband trying to get into her car to steal her baby. She told him to get the f*ck away from her car, and the man tried to play it off. She told them to f*ck off and got in her car to leave.

    The couple got in their vehicle and followed her, tried to swerve her off the road and brake-check her on the highway for a few miles. She was smart enough to call the cops... and they caught up to her and ended up arresting the couple. They had gotten multiple reports that day of issues like that.

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    A Man Tried To Rush Them On The Street

    From Redditor u/idiedforwutnow:

    Some dude get off the bus at the same stop as me. It's about 8pm and October, so it's quite dark out already. He had spoken to me on the bus, one line about nice weather. Anyway, he gets off the bus after me. I cross the road and make a mental note of him walking the opposite way [from] me. I make sure to watch him walking away. Something in my gut says not to trust him.

    To get to my house I have to walk up a hill with a path alongside a high stone wall. It is secluded. Usually I listen to music as I walk. I decide not to this time.

    I'm about halfway up when I get this awful feeling. I take out my phone, dial my mother's number and as I do, I hear fast steps of someone running up behind me. I know it's the guy before I turn around, and as I do he is literally running full speed towards me. I look him dead in the eyes, ready to fight for my life. As I do this, my mother answers her phone and I say, "hi mom."

    He slows right down to a light jog and says "evening" as he jogs past me. I ask my mom to stay on the line. Her bf comes out to meet me at the top of the hill. The guy is nowhere to be seen.

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