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When it comes to world records, there are always some weird ones. From baking the world's largest cookie to shooting milk out of your tear duct, some people will do the strangest things to get into the record books. However, arguably one of the most difficult sorts of records to break are world records for strength. That being said, even some of these are pretty weird. Lucky for you, we have this strength world records list that's sure to astound, confuse, and dismay you. 

Now, before we launch into these cool world records, it's worth noting that all the people doing this have trained hard and carefully before attempting these, so you should probably not try this at home. The amazing feats these individuals hold can be deadly or crippling if done wrong, and many people trying to break these records have received serious injuries. In short, these records are difficult to break for a reason.

These world records for strength range from amusing and disturbing to just downright impressive, so be prepared to laugh, cringe, and gawk at these world record holders. And don't worry, it's perfectly normal to feel like an inadequate human after reading this list. 

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Heaviest Log Carried

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The Mountain on Game of Thrones is definitely a big strong man on the screen, but how much of that is costuming and special effects? As it turns out, almost none of it. You see Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, the actor who plays The Mountain and possibly the most amazingly-named human on earth, is also a competitive strongman. In 2015, he went as far as to break a 1,000-year-old Viking record for carrying a 1,433 log on his back for five steps. By comparison, it took 50 men to take down the log after he was done with it. 

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Longest Non-Stop Run

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The idea of going for three days without sleep is kind of intimidating, and few people can accomplish it. As it turns out, only one can accomplish it while also running. In 2013, a woman by the name of Kim Allan broke the world record for longest distance run, nonstop, without sleep. She went 311 miles in 86 hours, without a single break, competing with blisters, stomach cramps, and fatigue like you wouldn't believe. It's also worth mentioning that this woman was 47 years old at the time, and a mother of four. In short, don't mess with this mama. 

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Most Countries Visited by Bike in One Day

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When you think about visiting countries all over Europe, you might want to give yourself a few weeks or even a month to see it all. Well, that certainly wasn't the attitude of world-record breaker Michael Moll, who on June 4, 2016 traveled by bicycle to six different European countries in less than 24 hours. He posted the above YouTube video chronicling most of his trip. 

In that span of time, he visited Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and France, which hardly leaves much time for sightseeing. Let's just hope this powerhouse came back for a few more relaxed visits later. 

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Most Weight Lifted Using Only Teeth

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Interestingly enough, this is one feat of strength which is hotly contested every few years. The current recognized record is 60 repetitions of lifting a 100 kg (or 220 lb) weight using only teeth in a single minute, which was achieved in 2013 by Steve Schmidt. If your teeth are aching after reading that, you aren't alone. 

Steve then went on to do 65 repetitions in a single minute later that year, as you can see in the video, and is currently waiting for that new record to be acknowledged by Guinness. Who knows what the next record will be for this one?