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Mind-Bending Facts About String Theory That Will Change The Way You Think

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Black holes. Portals. Dark matter. Parallel worlds. Team Instinct. As common as these terms are today, we're sadly still no closer to knowing the true nature of the universe we live in. To make things worse, we may never reach that day.

But in attempting to understand these concepts, we use two distinct sets of rules: Quantum Mechanics, which is the study of all things super-small (atoms, quarks, Ant-Man on occasion), and General Relativity, which is the study of larger things (people, planets, also Ant-Man).

The issue? Two sets of rules don't exactly make it easy to explain the already mind-boggling terms listed above. For example, dark matter can be both infinitesimal and super-massive at the same time, so how can we possibly put something like this into perspective?

That's where String Theory comes in.

String theory is a hypothetical explanation that could potentially unify ALL MATTER in the known universe, big or small.

Wouldn't that make things so much easier to understand?

In theory, yes. But, like everything in our universe, the concepts presented within string theory are nearly-impossible for our feeble human minds to comprehend, and would undoubtedly only lead to more feelings of societal insignificance regarding our place in the cosmos, depression epidemics, and a global blanket of general malaise about this whole “existence” thing.

So, that said, below are the most fascinating ideas presented within String Theory.  

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