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17 Anime Characters Who Prove You Should Fear The Quiet Ones

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Just because a character keeps to themselves and doesn't talk much doesn't mean that they aren't powerful. In fact, some of the quietest characters are hiding the most dangerous secrets. 

One great example of a strong but silent anime character is Bertolt Hoover, a seemingly innocuous person who is easy to ignore - until you find out that he's actually a violent menace who has a higher hit-count than almost anyone else around.  There's also Hotaru Tomoe of Sailor Moon, whose silent demeanor hides her ability to obliterate planets with little effort.

Which quiet anime characters surprised you with their strength? 

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    Shigeo Kageyama Is Nearly Unbeatable In 'Mob Psycho 100' 

    Shigeo Kageyama, also known as Mob, is one of the most powerful psychics in the world, but he doesn't talk about it - or anything else - all that often. Quiet and reserved, Shigeo doesn't brag about his prowess and is easily intimidated by social interactions, especially when it comes to trying to talk to his crush Tsubomi. For this reason, most people aren't aware of how strong he is until they see him in action.

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    Kusuo Saiki's Psychic Powers Could Destroy Humanity In 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.'

    All Kusuo Saiki wants is to be able to hang out at home watching TV, eating coffee jelly, and not talking to anyone. Sadly for him, this feels like a faraway dream, because of how loud and demanding everyone around him seems to be. 

    Why does he want so much alone time? Because existing in public is exhausting. Saiki's psychic powers are so strong that suppressing them while avoiding the accidental destruction of the planet takes every ounce of his energy.

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    Hotaru Tomoe Can Destroy Whole Planets In 'Sailor Moon'

    Hotaru Tomoe, also known as Sailor Saturn, is one of the most dangerous people in the Sailor Moon universe. She's capable of destroying whole planets with a single wave of her scythe - but you wouldn't know it based on her timid personality. 

    But while her strength might be slightly unexpected from someone so unassuming, her attacks actually fit pretty well. For example, she has a powerful defensive move called Silence Wall. 

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  • Hinata Hyuuga might not be the most powerful person in the Naruto-verse, but she's a heck of a lot stronger than her gentle, soft-spoken personality implies. Hinata might have severe social anxiety, but she's also a powerful warrior.

    She possesses the byakugan, an eye-based power that not only allows her to see for miles in every direction, but grants her the ability to make fine adjustments to other people's chakra - or to punch people with tiger-shaped balls of energy. It takes her some time to develop these abilities, but when she does use them, it's a spectacle. She's strongest when protecting her loved ones - especially the man she'll eventually marry, Naruto. 

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