15 Comic Book Characters Who Are Way Stronger Than They Get Credit For

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It’s not exactly headline news that a lot of superheroes are strong. We’ve all seen Wonder Woman and the Hulk perform enough terrific feats of strength that it wouldn’t be surprising to see a hero lift just about anything. Seriously, Superman has moved around planets on multiple occasions (but really, Superman can basically do anything), so there really appears to be no limit to just how well the bulging muscles of the spandex crowd can perform. However, the presence of these uber-powerful behemoths in the DC and Marvel universe has created a bit of an odd playing field, where even the most street-level heroes need to be stronger in order to compete. After all, if the Spider-Men and Daredevils of the world are going to take on threats like the Juggernaut, they’re going to need to pack a bigger punch than the average, non-fictional, pitiful human.

The list of small or unimposing superheroes that are surprisingly strong is a long one. A good rule of thumb is that everyone in comics is stronger than you might expect, as even the weakest-looking comic book characters could probably beat up, like, several bears. People say not to judge books by their covers, and that’s especially true of comics. You never know what sort of superhuman might is hiding under those colorful tights.