The Best and Strongest Women Characters

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Looking for more strong women characters in your life? This list of awesome women in literature, TV, and film has all kinds. One owns the love of dragons with the desire to become a queen. Another wields a sword in battle to seek atonement for the mistakes of her past, and help the weak combat the oppressive. Yet another fights against entertainment stereotypes and still others speak up for themselves and for women - and people of any gender - everywhere.

These females are the fighters, they are brave in battle, and stand up against injustices in the workplace. They protect and serve, yet never complain. These are the strongest, most bad*ss female characters in the history of film, books, and television.

This Ranker list has it all, from detectives to textile workers. Good girl characters form unions and sometimes need to stand alone in order to unite. It's not always easy for a female to lead, to upend media stereotypes, to essentially be a heroine when no one thinks that you can win. But not every hero needs to stand six feet tall with the ability to bench press 300 pounds. Don’t think that a chick can save the day? Just ask Sarah Connor how many cyborgs she’s terminated.

We salute the many awesome fictional heroines with this list. From the courtroom to the battleground, these are the coolest, strongest, not to be messed with female characters on the silver screen, the small screen, and the pages of great literature. Be sure to make your voice heard and upvote the greatest, most memorable female characters.

Most divisive: Carol Peletier