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15 Powerful Mothers Who Prove Anime Moms Aren't All Useless

When most people think of anime characters who are spectacular at kicking butt, most don't think of anime mothers. While they certainly aren't the majority, there are quite a few anime moms who can hold their own in a fight.

Not all of the strongest anime moms are actually good at the whole parenting thing. In fact, a few of them are absolute monsters when it comes to raising their kids - one particularly chilling example of this is Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater. Others manage the dual task of raising their kids with loving care while also maintaining strong bodies and awesome magical powers. Android 18 of DBZ is a great mom and a great warrior. 

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  • After the time skip in Boruto, many of the female ninja become mothers and continue being amazing fighters - but for now, lets focus on Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's mother. Because she passed away before the series began, viewers don't get to see the full extent of her fighting prowess. 

    But here's what we do know - Kushina was not only strong enough to withstand having a tailed beast sealed inside of her body, she was also strong enough not to immediately pass away after it was extracted and she'd just given birth. In fact, she could still make decisions in that state! She could even fight the Tailed Beast and hold her own against it!

    Kushina is tough as nails, and while she didn't get the chance to parent her son, she did sacrifice her life to protect him, and that's saying a whole heck of a lot.

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    Izumi Curtis - 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    Izumi Curtis doesn't have any living biological children: she gave birth to a stillborn baby, and she acted as a mother figure for Edward and Alphonse Elric. Despite this, she still sees herself as a mother - and a startlingly powerful one, too. Izumi put Ed and Al through the roughest alchemical training they could possibly imagine. What's more, she's physically strong enough to take on a bear. 

    This is made all the more impressive because an alchemy accident destroyed several of her organs, leaving her with multiple chronic health issues. None of that stops her from wreaking havoc.

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    Irene Belserion - 'Fairy Tail'

    Irene Belserion is Erza's mom, and she's freakin' terrifying. Her relationship with her daughter is far from ideal, but her fighting prowess is second to none. In addition to creating Dragon Slayer magic while she was pregnant with Erza, she also possesses a wide variety of powerful magical abilities, including World Reconstruction Magic, which allows her to reconstruct the geography around her to her liking, Eye Magic, which allows her to open up a giant eye in any location and see what's going on there, and various forms of enchantment. She is the strongest woman in the Spriggan 12, an elite unit entrusted to protect Emperor Spriggan (Zeref). 

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    Nana Shimura - 'My Hero Academia'

    Before All Might, Nana Shimura was the last hero to use One For All, one of the most powerful quirks in the My Hero Academia universe. Using One For All, Nana could stockpile her power, which granted her super strength, super speed, and a wide range of other abilities, some of which have yet to be fully revealed by the series. 

    This next part contains manga-only spoilers, so heads up.

    When Nana's husband lost his life, she opted to continue her heroic duties and put her son Kotaro into foster care. While she hoped that this would keep her son out of danger from villains who might wish him harm, he ended up becoming cold and resentful, ultimately proving to be a terrible parent to his own children. Ultimately, Kotaro loses his life to his own son, Tenko, whose dangerous quirk suddenly flared up and ended the entire family. 

    It's hard to be a parent in a world where villains run rampant, and Nana's story shows this. 

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