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The Most Powerful '90s Villains

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The '90s were a different time, and the top '90s villains were a different breed altogether. Grunge ruled the airwaves, and the villains had to reflect this cultural shift while still bringing in the trademark '80s silliness from the years prior that audiences had grown accustomed to. This lent itself well to villains like Evil Ash from Army of Darkness, a simultaneously ridiculous and scary clone of the film's protagonist. Some of these villains were more on the silly side, some leaned scarier, but altogether, they were incredibly powerful. 

Which of the '90s villains was the most powerful? Was it harder for the Men in Black to take down Edgar, for Jack Skellington to defeat Oogie Boogie, or for Clarice to garner information from Hannibal Lecter? More importantly, if these late-20th-century rascals were to duel, who would come out on top? 

  • Photo: Matrix: Reloaded / Warner Bros. Pictures

    What Are His Powers: Smith is an agent of the Matrix, meaning his sole reason for existence is to police the computer-generated world and shut down potential threats. Inside of the Matrix, Smith possesses super strength, the ability to possess Matrix users, super speed, precognition after assimilating the Oracle, and reality-altering abilities. Later, when he becomes a free agent, he has the ability to turn entities inside of the Matrix into copies of himself. 

    Most Powerful Moment: In The Matrix Reloaded, Smith manages to completely overwhelm the One (Neo) by cloning himself so many times that Neo has no choice but to run. 

    Weaknesses: Ultimately, Smith's weakness is he only exists in the computer world. Smith eventually meets his end by overextending himself and assimilating Neo. The machines are able to use Neo, whose body they have in the real world, to send a deletion code into the Matrix that ends all instances of the Smith program. 

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  • Photo: Silence of the Lambs / Orion Pictures

    What Are His Powers: Hannibal Lecter is a genius psychopathic cannibal who is incredible at getting inside his targets' heads. 

    Most Powerful Moment: Hannibal Lecter displays his cunning and physical abilities during his brutal escape from jail. Lecter manages to manipulate events to give himself the perfect opportunity to escape, then picks the lock of his handcuffs and overpowers the two guards tasked with keeping him locked away. 

    Weaknesses: Other than a lack of the enhanced abilities possessed by many of the wrongdoers on this list, Lecter displays no real weakness throughout The Silence of the Lambs

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  • Photo: Terminator 2: Judgement Day / TriStar Pictures

    What Are His Powers: The T-1000 is a more advanced model of Terminator than the Arnold Schwarzenegger-played robot. This new model is comprised entirely of a mimetic polyalloy (a liquid metal) that allows him to shape-shift. The T-1000 is an expert fighter, is incredibly durable, and can fashion its limbs into weapons. 

    Most Powerful Moment: The T-1000 is able to decimate the T-800 in combat. It's also able to sustain insane amounts of damage - like multiple shotgun blasts to the chest - and instantly recover. 

    Weaknesses: The T-1000 is susceptible to incredibly cold temperatures. Its liquid metal could freeze, which could lead to the robot being shattered. It's also weakened by extreme heat, like when it was pushed into molten liquid. 

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  • Photo: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace / 20th Century Fox

    What Are His Powers: Darth Maul is a Sith assassin and an apprentice to Darth Sidious. He's a Force user and possesses all the abilities that come along with that, including enhanced senses and the ability to move objects with his mind. 

    Most Powerful Moment: Darth Maul is able to duel two Jedi at once, one of which is an incredibly powerful Jedi Master. In battle, he is able to destroy the Jedi Master. 

    Weaknesses: Getting cut in half. Along with his frail exterior, his greatest weakness is his master's lack of faith in him. He is a sort of interim Sith apprentice - his master knows he won't last. 

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